Small Town Mayor Launches Governor Campaign to Oppose Radical Islamic Takeover of Minnesota State Politics

Lexington, Minn. Mayor Mike Murphy recently appeared on Big League Politics Live to discuss his run for governor as a Republican.

Murphy explained that he is running against the political machine to give legitimate representation to the people. He is particularly opposed to the Islamic radicals in Minnesota politics who are turning the state into a third-world warzone with their failed policies.

“Right now, our Attorney General is letting everything go free and he’s not holding his state prosecutors, county attorneys accountable for charging people with their crimes so I really hope the Democrat members of the community wake up and see that we need law and order,” Murphy said.

Before Murphy became Mayor, he worked in law enforcement, and he believes that criminal justice reform is needed. He said that what happened to deceased serial felon George Floyd was a shame, but the ongoing war on cops from the Democrats is completely unacceptable.

“We really need to set accountability and bring integrity back to our state governments,” Murphy said.

Murphy is particularly passionate about fighting COVID-19 mandates that have hurt the Minnesota economy as the streets have been ravaged by left-wing radicals.

“Governor Walz’s overreaching COVID mandates continue to ravage our small businesses and our communities around here, and now he’s starting to loosen the belt up a little bit after he was getting pressure, and I primarily believe that is because Democrats are in control,” he said.

Murphy believes that the lockdown policies are motivated by partisan political motives rather than legitimate public health concerns.

“This last year he’s been an absolute tyrant, and this can never happen again, and we need to support emergency powers reform in this state, and we need to make sure there can never be another King Walz in this state,” he said.

“You got to have strong conservative values, and conservative to me means prosperity and freedom and the belief that everyone is on an equal footing and that we have the same rights. And I’m sick and tired of people who say one thing and do the other,” Murphy said when asked about RINOs in the GOP.

For more information on his grassroots campaign for governor, visit Murphy’s official website at The entire BLP Live interview can be accessed here.

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