Smear Merchant at Left Wing Hate Group Attacks the Hoteps

Jared Holt of the far-left hate group Right Wing Watch launched a vicious smear attack against black dissident commentators Hotep Jesus and Uncle Hotep.

Holt has built a reputation for attacking figures on the right who actually ask tough questions and cast doubt on major narratives in mainstream politics.

The target of this specific attack was an episode of Hoteps Been Told You which the black dissidents hosted. For their 97th episode, online conservative Baked Alaska was invited as a guest.

In a tweet directed at the Hoteps, Holt said “Hello darkness my old friend.”

Several black conservatives replied to Holt’s tweet declaring “This is straight up racist.”

Holt went on a racially unhinged attack against the Hoteps after he found out that American film celebrity Eli Roth, of Inglorious Bastards fame, followed the Hotep’s show and even donated money to support the show.

Roth tweeted on April 18, 2020, “Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes. Been enjoying some Bruno Mattei films and listening to  @HotepJesus @UncleHotep podcast, reading, writing and creating. Hope you are all healthy and safe. Hopefully we all get back to normal life soon!”

After Holt attacked the Hoteps and Baked Alaska, Hotep Jesus firmly responded on Twitter, “First they trash you then it’s ‘Tweets aren’t loading right now’. Nah, keep that same energy. @jaredlholt.”


The word “racist” is tossed around to smear any conservative that doesn’t ascribe the Left’s multicultural/ politically correct narratives. The Hoteps have made a name for themselves for taking on positions on gun rights and economic self-reliance that the black community once held before the welfare state arrived. For that reason, they receive scorn from legacy institutions who love perpetuating victimhood narratives.

The attacks leveled against the Hoteps and Baked Alaska only show that they’re effective voices who disrupt the status quo. When people like Holt are desperate to smear you, you know you’re doing something right.



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