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So-Called “Principled Conservatives” FINALLY Upset at Twitter Censorship



The “Civility First conservative” crowd on Twitter finally dropped their argument that private companies like the Silicon Valley tech giant should be able to ban users at will – but only because one of their friends caught the axe.

Fox Commentator and right wing pundit Jesse Kelly was permanently suspended from the app Sunday for no apparent reason, adding to a long list that began with Milo Yiannopoulous in 2015, and has grown to include such figures as Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Laura Loomer.

But the “TruCon” crowd did not care about Jones, Stone or Loomer. They were “fringe,” according to the “principled conservative” crowd, which apparently believes that anyone who does not think or act exactly like them should be crushed by the thought police. How principled. And conservative.

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The sentiment was summed up well by the vice president of Lone Conservative, a neoconservative opinion outlet for college students.

“I mean honestly, Jesse is no Alex Jones or Laura Loomer. This is a regular Fox News guest and Federalist contributor smh,” he said.

In other words, “he thinks like me – how could they ban him?”

All of a sudden, the crowd of mostly #NeverTrump clowns came out in full force to support Kelly. The Daily Wire even wrote a column about it, though some of their staff equivocated after the banning of Loomer last week.

Many actual conservatives – those who support freedom of speech absolutely, regardless of the message, who is delivering it or whether the Palo Alto Mafia has the “right” to ban people – noticed this trend.

“Conservabros who defended tech censorship see the world differently now that Jesse Kelly has been suspended,” said author, filmmaker and lawyer Mike Cernovich.

“Funny how the ‘principled Conservatives’ who gave Twitter a pass for dumping Alex Jones (some of them piled on!) flipped out Sunday after Jesse Kelly was dumped,” said commentator Yossi Gestetner.

It is almost as though “principled conservatism” isn’t so principled after all.

Free Speech

YOUR NEW MASTER: Twitter’s Head of Conversational Safety, a “Young, Queer Asian-American Businesswoman,” is “Rethinking” the Concept of User Safety

Do you trust someone like her to make Twitter “a safer place”?



The media company Protocol, a sister site of Politico, recently published an article about Twitter’s new “head of product for conversational safety,” Christine Su. It claims that Su, a “young, queer Asian-American businesswoman,” is revolutionizing what “user safety” on social media means.

Twitter hired Su around six months ago to be in charge of “what might be the most difficult task on Twitter,” despite having no apparent experience in politics, programming, and media relations. But Twitter seems to like her for her “creative” and “somewhat radical new ideas” about user safety.

“As a queer woman of color who is an Asian American in tech in rural America, that experience is a very intersectional one. I’ve had plenty of experiences moving through spaces where I wanted more safety,” Su said.

Protocol writes that Su’s vision incorporates “transformative and procedural justice.” Transformative justice ostensibly refers to a non-retributive form of repairing harm done to someone and preventing it from happening again; procedural justice to enacting a set of rules that “make harm rarer in the first place.”

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This all sounds nice and dandy—but beware. So-called transformative and procedural justice will not benefit you, but will crush you. Anything that’s perceived as “harmful” against “women and people from marginalized groups” can and will be used to censor you. Christine Su may reassuringly claim that “the point is not to make the entire world a safe space,” but she’s open about the fact that she will help give the Coalition of the Fringes more control over what people are allowed to do and say on Twitter.

Examples from the article:

  • Creating an audio hangout feature called “Spaces,” which will allow users to determine who is allowed to participate, as well as who can speak and when. (Note that it’s being tested on “women and marginalized groups of people” first.)
  • Potentially doubling down on functions that “encourage people to read content before reposting it.” (Which is exclusively done to censor or limit the reach of conservative and other right-wing content.)
  • Building tools that “create private pathways for apologies, forgiveness and deescalation.” (The finer details are still a work in progress according to Su.)
  • Defining what a “meaningful conversation” is. (Would people like Su think that anything right-wingers say or believe belongs in a “meaningful conversation”? Let’s just say I wouldn’t bet money on it…)

You know full well that a company like Facebook would shortly follow suit. After all, it’s not just Twitter that Su is “revolutionizing,” but the concept of social media itself. Figure out where all this is heading.

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