So-Called ‘Suspicious Package’ Sent to Miami Democrat Office Turns Out to Be Bill Nelson Bumper Stickers

Reports of a “suspicious package” at a Miami Democratic Party office Wednesday turned out to be a false alarm.

“Turns out, the ‘suspicious package’ that locked up downtown Miami Wednesday afternoon wasn’t suspicious at all — it was a package of U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson bumper stickers in a brown box, police said,” according to The Miami Herald. 

The Miami-Dade Democrat Party called police when the package turned up in their office Wednesday afternoon.

“A police source familiar with the investigation told the Miami Herald that the package was received on Oct. 22 and found on an empty floor of the Democratic Party office. The package was sent from Orlando. To err on the side of caution, investigators X-rayed the package,” the report said.

According to party officials, they were concerned about the package because they were not expecting a delivery, which seems like a low bar for calling in the bomb squad. But with the fake news media reporting that “pipe bombs” were sent to prominent Democrats, including CNN, and failing to highlight that none of the “bombs” were rigged to explode (they were indeed hoaxes), it is easy to see why the Miami Democrats would be worried. This is a consequence of misinformation spread by the fake news media, which lead to unnecessary use of public resources.

“The building, which used to be called Life Science Park and which currently leases spaces for an office to the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, SAVE LGBTQ and The New Tropic media site, was not completely evacuated,” according to the report.

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