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Social Media Pioneer Gab Launches ‘Drudge Report’ Alternative, Alleges Drudge Has Been Bought by Big Tech

Gab is giving conservatives an alternative to Drudge.



The free speech social media platform Gab is going to war with Matt Drudge, implying that the world’s leading news aggregator has sold out to the globalist establishment.

Gab has launched Gab Trends to provide a people-powered alternative to the Drudge Report heading into the 2020 presidential election. The fake news will be at an all-time high next year, as the globalist establishment will be waging war to boot President Donald Trump from office.

They have provided strong circumstantial evidence on their Twitter account that Drudge has made a shift in recent months and started to echo globalist propaganda narratives.

Gab pointed out possible ties between Drudge and Google as the motive for this shift, through his new ad provider that also bought his father’s website in 2017.

Drudge has also relentlessly pushed the presidential campaign of South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the openly homosexual Democratic candidate who has called for a federally-funded grooming operation for the LGBT community to target young children.

Gab referenced the growing backlash that has already occurred among Drudge’s largely conservative readership who have recognized the incomprehensible shift in his tone and content curation style.

They hope to provide an alternative that can out-compete Drudge by giving them news that is ranked in its importance by the people, rather than one individual’s editorial discretion.

The mainstream media is already producing hit pieces against the Gab Trends project, essentially defending the Drudge Report against market competition.

The Daily Dot published this smear against Gab on Wednesday:

Longtime influential news heavyweight, Matt Drudge is facing growing criticism from fellow conservatives and a former ally, Alex Jones, over a growing “anti-Trump” narrative in his headlines and stories on his news aggregator the Drudge Report.

Now, far-right free speech site Gab—home to neo-Nazis and Trumpworld grifters kicked off mainstream social sites—is trying to replace the site with its own competitor Gab Trends…

Despite the owner’s free speech ethos, he took further aim at Drudge over his “anti-Trump” headlines.

Still, Torba openly admits to mimicking Drudge’s format of the Drudge Report…

But with over 14 million page loads over this past month, Drudge has little to worry about with the launch of Gab Trends.

However, Gab notes that the traffic is rapidly booming for their trends’ page shortly after its launch, as patriots search for a news portal that will clarify events without the left-wing bias.

With their nascent news project, Gab continues to be a growing disrupter that is innovating solutions to restrictive policies pushed by the Big Tech monopolies and their subordinates.


Unlikely Ally: Russian Foreign Minister Calls Out Big Tech Shenanigans

Nationalists may find allies in strange places.



Prior to the installation of Joe Biden as U.S. president, Big Tech went on a censorship spree against former President Donald Trump and his supporters.  Such corporate activism against Trump has evoked a strong international response from foreign leaders fearful of the American corporate sector’s power.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently declared that Big Tech’s actions represent egregious violations of American constitutional law

“Recent events, including those in the United States, [pertain] to a situation when half a dozen people who have created their technological empires do not even want to know what rights they have in their countries. They themselves define their rights on the basis of so-called corporate norms and they don’t care a bit about the constitutions of their nations. We have clearly seen this in the United States, and this, of course, causes serious concern”, Lavrov said to reporters on January 11, 2021.

Lavrov declared that Big Tech’s behavior “comes from evil”. He criticized American leaders for failing to provide free access to information on the Internet. 

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The Russian foreign minister’s comments were in response to Twitter’s decision to permanently ban Donald Trump’s personal account earlier in January. The social media platform blamed the president for inciting an “insurrection” after a small group of his supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6.

Facebook and Instagram followed in Twitter’s footsteps, although the media platforms are currently reviewing if they’ll let Trump re-access his accounts.

Other countries such as Mexico and Poland have had their leaders speak out against Big Tech’s domineering behavior with regards to Trump.

It seems some of the most ardent opponents of America’s woke regime tend to come from abroad. America can no longer claim that it’s exceptional when both its private and public sector have no commitment to respecting its founding principles.

The Right needs to regroup and build a proper nationalist infrastructure to combat the current political apparatus in front of us.

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