Socialist U.S. Congressional Candidate Spent Years Fighting the State, Now Wants More Government

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who recently won the Democrat primary for New York’s 14th District, has a tumultuous history of fighting the state after her father died without a will.

“Her family became locked in a years-long probate battle with the Westchester County Surrogate’s Court, which processes the estates of people who died without a will, as Ocasio-Cortez’s father had,” according to an article written by The Intercept. “She witnessed firsthand how attorneys appointed by the court to administer an estate can enrich themselves at the expense of the families struggling to make sense of the bureaucracy.”

In layman’s terms, her family got screwed by the government after her father’s untimely death.

“In 2012, four years after her father’s death, they finally shook free of the surrogate’s court, property records show,” the piece continues.

Intestate court is but one tiny symptom of the vast problem that is government bureaucracy and overreach. Having experienced it firsthand, Ocasio-Cortez ought to know that more government bureaucracy will not be kind to ordinary Americans.

But that did not stop her from campaigning on behalf of Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), a big-government socialist, in 2016. Indeed, Ocasio-Cortez labels herself a Democratic Socialist. She is a member of the Democratic Socialist of America party.

Her political positions include state-run healthcare for all, (which socialists gin up to sound nice by calling it “free” healthcare), state-run education for all, state jobs for all (called a “job guarantee,”) and enacting gun control laws so that the citizenry has no power to protect themselves against the state.

Big League Politics reached out to the Ocasio-Cortez campaign to see if, given her personal experiences, she thought her political position still made sense. The campaign did not respond to BLP’s request.  


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