Socialists Stick Together: AOC to Endorse Bernie For President

Freshman Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will endorse Vermont Senator and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in a campaign rally in Queens on Saturday, according to reporting Tuesday night from the Washington Post.

The formal endorsement places Ocasio-Cortez firmly in the camp of her fellow democratic socialist. AOC has become a symbol of the left wing of the Democratic Party often represented by Sanders, and it’s probably unsurprising that the rising Democrat star would align with Sanders, who she aligns closely on policy.

Some spectators expected Ocasio-Cortez to endorse Elizabeth Warren.

Sanders has already announced he’s expecting a special guest at his Queens rally.

AOC’s endorsement could represent a potential game-changer in a race where Sanders has lingered solidly in either second or third place, stuck behind establishment Democrat Joe Biden by polling averages of around four or five percent. Ocasio-Cortez’s endorsement could play a role in broadening Sanders’ support to women voters and Democrats who plan to participate in the New York primary.

Sanders’ campaign faces the challenge of proving the 78-year old Senator is up for the rigorous challenges of a Presidential campaign and the White House itself after the Vermont progressive suffered a heart attack earlier this month.

Since being released from the hospital, Sanders has shown a greater will to fight back against the corporate-establishment media complex, which frequently attempt to dismiss his campaign in an effort to protect the interests of “mainstream” Democrats such as Joe Biden.

Sanders is probably as far as left as it gets in the Democratic Party’s presidential primary, but his campaign is worth watching for conservatives and Trump supporters who plan on pointing out the corruption of the establishment Democratic Party.

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