Somali Migrant Walks Free After Allegedly Breaking the Nose of a Missouri Woman in Violent Struggle

A St. Louis woman feels cheated by the justice system, claiming that she was brutally attacked by a Somali migrant teenager who was then let free.

Victim Alicia Clarke said that after she went on a brief run outside of her home, she noticed that her phone had been stolen. After she used Find My iPhone to locate her phone, she realized it was in the possession of a local neighbor who has been known to commit petty crimes.

She then hopped a fence to grab her phone. After she obtained it, she jumped back to her yard to return home. Another neighbor yelled at her: “Hey, I told him, ‘I know you did this and I’m calling the police!'” That is when the violent struggle allegedly began.

Clarke said that the 6-foot-tall teenage Somali attacked her, and she was soon in a fight for her life.

“He knocked me down, pulling my hair, kicking,” she recalled.

After brutally attacking her, he allegedly stole her cell phone yet again. Clarke then called police on her work phone to report the vicious incident.

“I am on the phone with St. Louis police dispatch, making my way to my backdoor, when he comes back with a weapon. He is on top of me. There was blood everywhere. I was literally fighting for my life at that point,” she said to 5 On Your Side.

Clarke claims that he returned and beat her senseless with a metal rod. He allegedly stabbed her in the head and face with the rod, leaving her a bloody mess, before she could wrestle the rod out of his hand, and he fled the scene.

The Somali teenager was charged with first-degree robbery as a result of his alleged actions, but the charges were ultimately dropped in juvenile court because the third-world refugee was determined to have too low of an IQ to be able to stand trial.

“The most hurtful thing of all of this, is the dropped charges. That was much more hurtful than the physical assault,” Clarke said.

A spokeswoman explained to 5 On Your Side how Somalis incredibly bereft of basic intelligence are essentially being given a free pass to commit vicious crimes after they are imported into the country on the taxpayer dole.

“In those instances, we work with child guardian and agencies to help with services outside the court system,” 5 On Your Side was told.

“It’s not feeling safe and honestly feeling like I’ve been failed by the system,” Clarke said about how the case was mishandled.

“This is going to happen again, and that’s my number one priority that it doesn’t,” she added.

A different neighbor has come forward and claimed that the Somali has barged into their house too and feels the African youth should be punished criminally before he strikes again. A Facebook post written by Clarke’s sister about the ordeal is beginning to go viral.

As diversity and multiculturalism take their toll on America, tragic cases like this will inevitably become more commonplace.

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