Son of New Jersey Federal Judge Overseeing Epstein Litigation Killed in Home Invasion, Husband Shot

A significant manhunt is on for a suspect in the shooting of two men related to a New Jersey federal judge, one of whom died on Sunday night.

Daniel Anderl, 20, the son of US District Court of New Jersey Esther Salas, died on Monday after being shot. Mark Anderl, the judge’s husband, was also shot and seriously injured in what appears to be a sort of home invasion or possible assassination attempt.

Preliminary reports suggest that a man dressed in FedEx clothing arrived at the Salas home in Newark, New Jersey, possibly hoping to trick the inhabitants to greet him. The suspect shot Daniel Anderl as he opened the door, later shooting Mark Anderl when he rushed to confront the sudden commotion before fleeing the scene.

A massive manhunt for the suspect, who remains at large, is underway, involving the FBI as well as the New Jersey State Police.

Judge Salas had only two days ago been assigned a federal lawsuit between Germany’s Deutsch Bank and its shareholders, with litigants accusing the European bank of improperly accounting for the holdings of certain clients such as Jeffrey Epstein. Deutsch Bank has already been compelled to pay a fine of $150 million for compliance failures related to its dealings with Epstein.

Big League Politics will continue to monitor the situation.

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