Soros DA George Gascon Puts Forward Policies that Help Illegal Aliens Escape Deportation 

According to a recent report by Fox News, George Gascón, the district attorney of Los Angeles, issues a policy directive that assists criminal illegal aliens avoid deportation.

For those with short-term memory, Gascón won his campaign for Los Angeles County running on a platform of criminal justice “reform” in 2020. Gascón received lavish financial support from the likes of globalist oligarch George Soros. Before assuming his LA County DA position, Gascón served as the DA for San Francisco and Chief of Police for Mesa, Arizona and San Francisco. 

Per the Fox News report:

According to the policy, which was obtained by Fox News, alternatives to criminal convictions should be considered, such as avoiding charging for criminal enhancements, which can significantly increase one’s prison sentence, “that would turn an otherwise immigration neutral offense into an immigration damaging one.”

“All charging determinations shall be undertaken with the goal of avoiding or mitigating the adverse immigration consequences of a decision when known, possible pr permitting,” Gascón’s policy outlined. “Under these circumstances and when, consistent with public safety alternatives to filing charges exist, those alternatives shall be pursued.”

In addition, Gascón’s policy calls on pre-trial diversion programs to prevent deportation and other immigration punitive measures for criminal illegal aliens.

Despite the criticism Gascón’s office has received for this policy, it defended the policy, asserting that it “protects vulnerable victims” and “prioritizes safety while attempting to avoid overly punitive consequences” for criminal illegal aliens.

Los Angeles District Attorney’s office communications director Tiffany Blackwell said to Fox News:

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office consulted with our staff, community stakeholders and immigration experts to craft a comprehensive Immigration policy that protects vulnerable victims and prioritizes safety while attempting to avoid overly punitive consequences for the accused. We believe that we have achieved that result. We will continue to rely upon our staff to provide us with relevant information that will assist in making the determination if alternative sentencing is warranted.

Gascón’s new policy directive is already receiving pushback from concerned Angelinos.

Jordan Dixon-Hamilton of Breitbart News noted that Association for Deputy District Attorneys of Los Angeles County vice president Eric Siddall criticized the new directive and believes it “might discriminate against native-born criminal suspects who would not be given the same consideration because they are not facing deportation.”

“That’s saying we’re going to give better deals to someone because of their immigration status,” Siddall said to Fox News.

Gascón is among the growing lists of Soros-funded DAs, such as Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner and Cook County DA Kimberly Foxx who are turning their jurisdictions into veritable Gothams where criminals run free and terrorize the law-abiding.

In many cases, these jurisdictions are largely out of the reach for conservatives and other right-wing elements. But if there is one way they could put themselves on the map, it’s by strongly campaigning against these criminal negligent DAs and exposing their ineptitude for the voting public to see. 


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