Soros Exposed Funding Global ‘Climate Strike’ to the Tune of $25 Million

George Soros, Creative Commons, Flickr

Neoliberal oligarch George Soros was revealed as a major funder of last week’s global ‘Climate Strike’ demonstrations, according to new reporting from the Media Research Center.

Soros funded climate protestors and organizers associated with the protests to the tune of almost $25 million from 2000-2017.

George Soros in a Hungarian-American billionaire financier known for bankrolling dozens if not hundreds of left-wing political and social movements behind the scenes. He’s been linked to Antifa groups and migrant caravans.

This week’s climate demonstrators drew hundreds of thousands if not millions of protestors in events across the United States and worldwide. Many of the demonstrators expressed their support for radical climate-alarmist policies, such as altering the diets of Americans to cut out meat and banning the use of fossil fuels altogether, propelling human societies back to the Medieval era without any replacement for the world’s most common energy sources.

Commonly, great segments of climate-alarmist protestors support mandating punitive and restrictive policies on everyday people while declining to hold the biggest polluters accountable. 100 companies have produced a whopping 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The United States has cut its annual carbon emission rate by a tidy 10%, while even greater polluters such as China have increased their annual emissions massively.

22 groups listed as official partners of the Global Climate Strike were nailed for accepting Soros cash.

Soros is one of the world’s most powerful and wealthy individuals who has nothing to fear from eliminating natural gas and coal usage without a legitimate replacement. The everyday American, or average man or woman across the world, faces far more potential consequences in a world where cutting off the most commonly used energy sources would threaten their very livelihood.


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