Soros-Funded St. Louis Prosecutor Kim Gardner Convicts Only Half of Murder Defendants

The Saint Louis prosecutor known for filing political charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey and letting Black Lives Matter militants off the hook is notably incapable in securing convictions, boasting one of the lowest conviction rates in murder trials in the nation.

Legal analysis by St. Louis’s KMOV 4 reveals that Gardner ultimately convicted individuals charged with homicides 54% of the time in 2019, and 51% of the time in 2018. That record of futility may be among the worst in the entire country, with KMOV pointing to a prosecutor in the Orlando, Florida area as the only other major prosecutor in the country with a comparable conviction rate.

Previous Saint Louis Circuit Attorneys have secured convictions of 72% of the defendants they charge with homicides.

District and county attorneys generally don’t indict individuals they aren’t confident they can convict, and prosecutors other major metropolitan areas are far more likely to convict those they charge with murder. The nationwide conviction rate for homicide is 70%. It’s a waste of money to try a defendant and fail to secure a conviction.

Representatives of Saint Louis’s police union have also expressed frustration with Gardner’s unwillingness to file criminal charges against suspects they describe as demonstrably guilty, citing an incident in which a man involved in a car accident opened fire on the other party involved. Gardner refused to file charges, releasing the shooter onto the street.

In the summer’s Black Lives Matter riots, Gardner has aroused criticism by releasing every arrested looter and rioter from the city’s jails, dropping charges against them. Gardner accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from globalist oligarch George Soros for her initial campaign for St. Louis Circuit Attorney.

Garder was dismissed from criminal proceedings against Mark and Patricia McCloskey over the weekend, with a judge ruling that Gardner’s promotion of her political charges in campaign emails against the couple made her unfit to charge them. It’ll now be up to a presiding judge to appoint a special prosecutor in the case.

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