Soros Funded Think Tank Attempts to Silence Critical Journalists



Two journalists that had been critical of the Atlantic Council, a George Soros-funded think tank, have found themselves under attack by the organization.

On Friday, thousands of emails and documents from the Macron campaign were published on the 4chan messageboard /pol/. The dump caught the attention of Jack Posobiec, Rebel Media’s DC Bureau Chief, who subsequently tweeted a link to it. Soon, the journalist found himself under attack — as the Atlantic Council, a Soros-funded think tank, had named him as being responsible for the spread of the content along with WikiLeaks.

Reuters contacted Posobiec, citing the Atlantic Council, and seemingly trying to connect him to Russian intelligence.

“Jack, is this your Russian social media profile?” a Reuters reporter asked, including a link to an profile.

“Yes, to follow my fiance. What does that have to do with Macron’s emails?” Posobiec responded.

Posobiec’s fiance has lived in DC for roughly six years, but is originally from Eastern Europe.

“It has been highlighted by some people on Twitter who are suggesting a connection between you and Russia’s intelligence services,” the reporter stated, including a link to a tweet containing the accusation from a user named Christo Grozev.

Grozev’s Twitter bio claims that he has been “Catching Putimons since 2014. Gotta catch ’em all.”

In March, Posobiec had shared an article by William Craddick on Disobedient Media which exposed the Atlantic Council’s funding, and a previous attempt to silence journalists.

“The Atlantic Council has a troubling history of taking money from foreign special interest groups and government agencies in return for pushing propaganda to support various initiatives around the globe. The New York Times has named the Atlantic Council along with the Brookings Institution and the Center for Strategic and International Studies as being think tanks which have made undisclosed ‘agreements’ with foreign governments. The article denounced the Atlantic Council for having ‘opened a whole new window into an aspect of the influence-buying in Washington that has not previously been exposed,’” the article by Craddick explained.

Craddick went on to outline how the Atlantic Council has received funding by the Ploughshares Fund, which is funded by Soros’ globalist organization the Open Society Foundation.

The journalist noted that other donors to the Atlantic Council include Ukranian oligarch Victor Pinchuk, the United Arab Emirates, Bahaa Hariri, the billionaire brother of Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri, the government of Sweden, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc., NATO, the United States Department of State, Lockheed Martin Corporation, the Ukrainian World Congress, and the Turkish Ministry of Energy & National Resources.

Interestingly, Craddick was also under attack by the organization in the wake of the Macron leaks — simply for retweeting the information.

Robert Reich published a smear piece against both Craddick and Posobiec, citing the organization as his source.

“Ben Nimmo, a research fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, said in an interview that the subsequent #MacronLeaks Twitter storm — notably in English, not French — largely began with the account of Jack Posobiec. Prosobiec is a Washington-based correspondent for the alt-right website He has written that he served, in 2016, as ‘Special Projects Director of Citizens for Trump, the largest Trump grassroots organization in the US,’” Reich wrote.

Reich continued on to write that “from there, news of the Macron leaks was retweeted by William Craddick, another alt-right activist,” and accused him of producing “fake news.”

We spoke to Posobiec and asked him if he believed this campaign against him had anything to do with his previous tweets about the Atlantic Council’s ties to Soros.

“Absolutely. These groups have operated in the open using Soros’ Wall Street money to destabilize countries and overthrow democratically-elected governments for years,” Posobiec told Big League Politics.

“Now that independent journalists are exposing their illicit affairs for all to see they have begun to attack us as everything from Russian influence agents to radical ISIS recruiters. They just can’t stand the fact that thanks to social media we now have a way of spreading the truth that bypasses corporate-controlled media,” he added.

Posobiec has now been under attack from hundreds of Twitter accounts accusing him of everything from being a hacker to treason. Unhinged social media users have even been pouring through his photographs and attempting to dox anyone pictured with him.

It is Orwellian, and sinister, that journalists simply sharing information can lead to these types of aggressive smears and attacks.

The Atlantic Council did not immediately return a request for comment for this report.

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