Soros, Koch Front Groups Unite to Bash President Trump’s Immigration Moratorium

Political front groups associated with billionaires Charles Koch and George Soros released statements condemning President Trump’s planned immigration moratorium on Tuesday, suggesting the oligarchs have more in common politically than many would think despite occupying nominally different lanes of the political spectrum.

The SPLC slammed the moratorium as an “outrageous proposal,” repeating a bevvy of conspiracy theories seeking to liken the Trump administration to unsavory political extremists.

Soros has been described as a “long time donor” to the nominal anti-hate group, which has suffered from a decline in donations in recent years after a series of embarrassing sexual harassment scandals involving its founder.

In lockstep, the Koch-funded Libre Intiative released a statement slamming the pro-American worker immigration shutdown as the “wrong approach.”

Mass immigration benefits wealthy elites such as Soros and Koch by providing an army of guest workers who will work for lower wages than American workers. Cheap labor programs such as the H1B tech worker program have been described as a means to transfer wealth from American college graduates and middle class workers to shareholders and company executives.

President Donald Trump had announced a new executive order to halt immigration to the United States on Monday night. He clarified during Tuesday’s press conference that the suspension merely prevents applications for new permanent residence green cards, suggesting that the moratorium is lacking the teeth needed to protect American workers from anti-competitive corporate practices.

Senator Ted Cruz questioned why a suspension of the H1B program wasn’t included in the Trump administration’s immigration suspension on Tucker Carlson Tonight Tuesday.



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