Sources: Awan Case Relates Directly To Seth Rich Case

Seth Rich

The case of Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT staffer Imran Awan, arrested for bank fraud while fleeing the country, relates directly to the unsolved murder of Seth Rich, the proven source of Wikileaks’ release of Democratic National Committee emails in the summer of 2016.

The puzzle pieces have been sitting there for months. Awan’s arrest finally marks the first step of law enforcement to put those pieces together with hard evidence that will be obtained in the course of one or more criminal investigations.

The puzzle picture is clear, according to insiders: Awan had intimate access to Democratic Party emails and the servers (never turned over to the FBI) that those emails were stored on. Seth Rich, killed in cold blood, leaked those emails to Wikileaks. The Democrats, desperate, created a false-flag “Russia hack” narrative that they could use to legally interfere with the election results and to investigate Donald Trump if he actually won the race, which he did. The Democrats have dragged out their evidence-free “Russia” investigations in order to “greenmail” the Trump administration, forcing every low-level staffer to lawyer up on their own dime, intimidating law firms to limit the choices available to them, and pitting staffers’ lawyers against each other to confuse the defense effort. The Deep State wants an impeachment. But it’s probably going to get something else instead: the most explosive revelations of misconduct and criminality in the history of American politics.

Private detective Rod Wheeler, who compiled a still-unreleased bombshell report about the Rich case while working for Rich’s parents, confirmed that Big League Politics must “watch this (Awan) case closely” for our own ongoing Seth Rich investigation.

Of course, we already have been watching closely.

Rod Wheeler at the White House

Wheeler has stated that evidence exists showing that Rich communicated with Wikileaks prior to his death, and prior to Wikileaks’ release of damning internal DNC emails 12 days later.

The Rich family’s attorney Joseph Ingrisano sent Wheeler a cease and desist letter to prevent Wheeler from leaking his findings.

Ingrisano is a partner at the Kutak Rock law firm. His bio at the firm states that he “has extensive experience in the defense of broker-dealers, investment bankers, underwriting managers, insurance companies, corporate officers and attorneys as lead trial counsel and co-counsel in securities fraud class-actions, litigations and arbitrations throughout the nation, as well as in enforcement matters brought by the SEC and stock exchanges.”

A message left for Ingrisano at his firm was not returned.

The Rich family is currently represented in the press by Democratic crisis communications consultant Brad Bauman, who was unaware that police body camera footage exists even after leading a charge to shut down Internet fact-finders who have come up with new information and advanced the story at every turn.

Ed Butowsky, who financed private investigations into the Rich case, revealed that Rich’s father praised Wheeler’s work.

“I interviewed three or four different private detectives,” Butowsky recently said on Andrew Wilkow’s radio program. “He [Rich’s father] said, my goodness that’s Rod Wheeler from Fox News. I like that guy.”

“There is a lot of news that is about to break…Everyone is going to have some answers real soon, and people are not going to feel good about it,” Butowsky said.

“Seth’s brother is very difficult for Rod to work with…I sure hope somebody would get a hold of Rod Wheeler and get what he has, because his work has led to what will be a conclusion here very very soon,” Butowsky added.

“When I first met Mr. Rich, he said this guy Bauman was assigned to us by the DNC,” Butowsky said, noting an 18-minute nighttime phone call between Rich’s father and Wheeler in which Rich’s father was highly complimentary of Wheeler’s work.

“There’s a lot more to it. Mr. and Mrs. Rich are wonderful people.”

“Brad Bauman wrote it,” Butowsky said, referring to Washington Post op-ed from the Rich family imploring people to stop “politicizing” the murder.

“Mr. Rich wants to find out who killed his son,” Butowsky said.

Wheeler’s Facebook page shows him standing in Ferguson, Missouri with Jesse Jackson.

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