South Australia Police: You Cannot Leave Your House to Walk the Dog or Exercise

The South Australia Police wants their residents to know that it is illegal to leave the house to exercise or walk the dog.

You have to see the tweet to believe it:

The police department was responding to a resident who is ostensibly trying to keep her husband from walking the dog because it’s “against the law.” All due to a virus with a 99.9 percent (or greater) survival rate.

For context, the state of South Australia recently issued a six-day mandatory lockdown. Australia itself has made headlines over the past several months because of their exceptionally harsh lockdown measures and heavy enforcement.

This is without question unjust. Unjust laws like these don’t really possess the character of law, but are in fact best described as lawlessness.

Leaders who gin up such fantastically outrageous lockdown rules, as well as the police officers who enforce them and the citizens who tattle on their neighbors, deserve our withering contempt and unending ridicule.

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