South Carolina Church Vandalized With ‘Submit to God Thru Allah’ Graffiti

Church Vandalized Islamic Message

A church in South Carolina had its 125-year-old windows smashed, and Islamic graffiti written on the side of the building.

Midway Presbyterian Church in Anderson, South Carolina was vandalized last weekend, according to local police. Antique windows were destroyed, and two Islamic phrases were spray painted on the building.

“Submit to God thru Islam” and “Muhammed is his prophet” were both written under the broken windows in black spray paint early in the morning on April 14, 2019.

On Facebook, Anderson Police are asking citizens who may have information about the crime to come forward, and notes that “A reward will be offered for information that leads to the arrest” of anyone involved with the vandalism.

Crimes committed against Christian churches appear to be on the rise worldwide. Earlier this year, France, which just experienced the devastating Notre Dame fire, saw the attack of 10 churches in just over a week, with five in a 7 day period.

Big League Politics reported:

he attacks, allegedly sponsored by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, saw 5 churches vandalized, attacked, or damaged in a one week span.

Roman Catholic publication La Croix International first reported that four churches were vandalized in a week period in February. The first church to be vandalized was in Houilles, France on February 4 at the church of St. Nicholas, where a statue of Mary was found broken into pieces.

The next attack occurred on the following day in Saint-Alain Cathedral in Lavaur, when the parish’s secretary discovered “the smoking remains of the tablecloth of the altar” and the church’s nativity scene. Fortunately the fire did not spread, but a cross and statue of the crucified Christ were also vandalized. The event led the town’s mayor, Bernard Carayon, to remark that “God will forgive. Not me.”

In the United States, just last week an Islamic radical was arrested after he allegedly planned to launch a terrorist attack at National Harbor, Maryland. The man claimed he was radicalized by the Islamic State, and wanted to recreate the terror experienced worldwide after the devastating attack in Nice, France in 2016.

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