South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Blames ‘Conservative Cancel Culture’ for Constituent Fury After Vetoing Bill to Protect Student Athletes from Transgender Invasion

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem continues to dig her hole deeper after receiving widespread criticism for vetoing Republican legislation meant to protect student athletes from having to compete with transgender individuals. 

Her office released an email calling her constituents ignorant while claiming that she is the victim of “conservative cancel culture.”

Spectator editor Amber Athey highlighted Noem’s arrogant and contemptuous messaging in a social media post:

Noem also attacked conservative media outlets for holding her accountable and refusing to accept her spin on why she capitulated to LGBT overreach.

“If conservative media would take 5 seconds to read past the knee-jerk headlines and actually understand Governor Noem’s position, they’d come to a very different realization,” she said.

Big League Politics has reported on how Noem put corporate globalist profits ahead of protecting young people from degeneracy in a situation that is a microcosm for why conservatives conserve nothing and always lose the culture war:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson hammered South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem for “caving” to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) on legislation that would have kept transgender persons from participating with the opposite sex of their natural birth in student athletics.

“You said you were excited to sign it. Big business intercedes – NCAA, Chamber of Commerce and Amazon – and tells you not to sign it and you change your mind. I think a lot of our viewers are wondering your thinking on this and how exactly this happened,” Carlson said to Noem…

“It would put a law on the books that would allow the NCAA to take punitive action against our state, and we’re a small state, Tucker. We have had to fight hard to get any tournaments to come to South Dakota,” Noem stated, adding that her lawyers would “very likely” lose the battle in the courts if she signed the measure into law.

Carlson made the point that Noem is essentially allowing the NCAA and a corrupt judicial system to hold the people of South Dakota hostage to LGBT insanity.

“This is thousands of years of common sense and tradition. Girls play girl sports. Boys play boy sports. Why not instead just say, ‘Bring it on NCAA! I’m a national figure. Go ahead and try and exclude us. I will fight you in the court of public opinion and defend principle!’ Why not just do that?” Carlson asked Noem.

“Tucker, you’re preaching my sermon. That’s just what I did today,” she responded.

“You vetoed the bill,” Carlson interjected.

Noem has disqualified herself as a national political leader with her pathetic surrender to LGBT insanity, and South Dakota voters ought to take a closer look at her as well when she is up for re-election.

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