South Koreans Protest as COVID Deaths Mount Despite Overwhelming Vaccine Compliance

South Koreans took to the streets over the weekend over deaths that have allegedly come as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Some of the scenes from the protests can be seen here:

This comes after thousands of young people in South Korea have mysteriously dropped dead shortly after receiving the Pfizer jab. Authorities are downplaying the news, but the public is not buying it.

“My younger sister was preparing for the teacher certification exam so our family always worried about her health, and continuously contacted her every few hours and checked her condition after she got her vaccine,” a petitioner wrote at a South Korean government portal, claiming to be the brother of a 21-year-old female college student who died shortly after getting vaxxed.

“There were no signs of worries or stress [in the posts] on her blog that indicated she was planning to take her own life,” the petitioner added. “Also, the testimonies of relatives and the family’s opinion agree that this is not a suicide case at all, and that she had been very healthy.”

Another petitioner described her 25-year-old brother, a healthy mailman, dying days after getting the Pfizer jab.

“My younger brother had a medical checkup in July around the time he got his first Pfizer shot, and except for slightly elevated levels of liver enzymes, [the results showed] he was very healthy,” she wrote on the government petitioning portal.

“My family can’t help but raise suspicions that the vaccine is the cause of death, as he died three days after his second Pfizer shot,” the petitioner claimed.

South Korea boasts the highest vaccination rate among G20 nations at a rate of 83 percent. Still, this is not stopping people from dropping dead or even halting transmission of the virus.

Big League Politics has reported on how countries with the most vaccine compliance are breaking records for COVID case totals:

Ireland is reimplementing lockdowns after a COVID-19 case spike, with new stay-at-home orders for certain workers, a shuttering of pubs and restaurants, and an expansion of vaccine passports. 

The Irish government is claiming that the lockdowns would be far worse without the vaccine regime to justify its failure in stopping the spread of the virus.

“This is the fourth surge of infections that we have experienced as a country. But this time it is different. It is different because of the extraordinary success of a national vaccination programme. “Without it, there is no doubt that we would now be in a full-scale lockdown,” Taoiseach Micheál Martin said.

Irish minister Heather Humphreys, Minister for Rural and Community Development and Minister for Social Protection, admitted that these restrictions needed to be put in place despite the high vaccination rates but then used its failure as an excuse to push even more vaccines. 

“Our sole priority is to ensure that our health service does not become overwhelmed. As a society, we need to look out for each other. 93 percent of the adult population are fully vaccinated,” she said, estimating that “roughly around half” of the 600 people hospitalized for COVID-19 are not fully vaccinated.

“The evidence is absolutely clear and tonight I would join with all of our healthcare professionals in urging people who have not yet received the vaccine to please take it up,” she added.

The public is waking up to the fact that they have been duped by their government officials who have been bought off by Big Pharma. Now, the public must resist these mandates before the technocracy becomes permanent.

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