Southwest Airlines is Partnering with Historically Black Colleges and Universities to Diversify its Pilots 

Southwest Airlines recently partnered with Texas Southern University to create a pipeline to recruit more non-white pilots.

Under this program, students will attend school to earn their typical bachelor’s degree, but they’ll also have the opportunity to obtain a pilot’s certificate.

After working for smaller airlines, these future TSU graduates can then apply for work at Southwest. 

Throughout this process, TSU graduates will receive mentorship from Southwest pilots. 

“There are nine HBCUs with aviation programs. Only three of them own their airplanes. Texas Southern University owns our own airplanes,” observed Dr. Terence Fontaine, the director of aviation at TSU.

“Well, we know we have work to do and need to do and really and truly want to do from a pilot perspective,” said Lee Kinnebrew, Southwest’s vice president of flight operations, with regards to Southwest’s efforts to diversify its flight deck. “We do want to have a diverse workgroup. We want to represent not only the customers but the communities we fly to.”

According to a report by WFAA, “Diversifying the flight deck is not just something Southwest is doing.”

The report added that “They [black pilots] make up more than 90-percent of those in this field. Black pilots are scarce and only account for two and a half percent of commercial pilots.” 

In 2021, United Airlines kicked off a similar program with three HBCUs. In a similar vein, Delta announced in February that it was conducting a similar initiative. In March of this year, Southwest partnered with TSU. 

Wokism has fully captured state and non-state institutions. This permutation of leftist, political correctness is particularly toxic. It’s up-ending meritocracy and putting diversity on a massive pedestal. 

Some naive individuals on the Right will say that these kinds of projects are legitimate because of their private nature. This misses the broader point. 

The normalization of diversity of schemes in all facets of life is a concerted effort to dispossess legacy Americans. Moreover, it will accelerate civilizational decay as millions of unqualified individuals are placed in key positions that are supposed to keep our society going. This will lead to reduced living standards and a general dumbing down of society. The full-fledged embrace of wokism will do far more damage to the US than any conventional army from its peer competitors. 

It’s time to put the wokes where they properly belong — the dustbin of political irrelevance. 
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