Southwest Airlines Kicks Trump Supporter Off Flight for Not Wearing Trump 2020 Mask While Eating

Smartphone video shows a Southwest Airlines flight attendant confronting and kicking a Trump supporter off the flight for not wearing his mask while eating peanuts.

KrisAnne Hall, a conservative activist and lawyer, filmed and uploaded the footage to her YouTube channel, which you can watch below:

Hall wrote the following in the video description:

It was his first flight on Southwest ever. It was his first flight since COVID. He was eating and drinking coffee. They said he was being kicked off for not wearing his mask- but he was eating. They refused to answer my questions about their policy. These Southwest employees violated policy to remove our friend from the plane and there was no other reason than they didn’t like his Trump wear.

Philip Ndifon was the man’s name and he appeared to have been traveling with Hall. Hall told Newsweek that “the attendant seemed to single Philip out from the moment we boarded.”

It’s outrageous no matter how you slice it. Either the Southwest crew was strictly enforcing the advice of California governor Gavin Newsom’s office to put your mask back on in between bites, or they just couldn’t stand having someone with a Trump 2020 mask and “Black Voices for Trump” hat on their flight and were looking for the slightest pretext to boot him off.

I’m not giving Southwest Airlines my business ever again.

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