Southwest CEO Admits Masks “Don’t Add Much, If Anything” To Plane Safety

The CEO of Southwest Airlines frankly admitted that masks “don’t add much, if anything” to safety from the coronavirus aboard air cabins, speaking Wednesday in congressional testimony before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

I think the case is very strong that masks don’t add much, if anything, in the air cabin,” said Greg Kelly. “The environment is very safe, very high quality compared to any other indoor setting.

Kelly cited the airline’s use of air filtration technology, which he says removes pathogens from the cabin every two of three minutes. In any event, it’s hard to imagine that masks could make a significant difference in preventing the spread of viral pathogens in enclosed spaces of as many as 150 people.

The CEO of American Airlines, Doug Parker, later went on to describe a passenger airline as “one of the safest places you could be,” also casting doubt on the necessity of airline mask mandates. Partisan liberals have maintained that airline mask mandates will be permanently necessary, unwilling to confront the possibility of breathing in oxygen in close proximity to other people as humans have since the origin of the species on Earth.

Science regarding the efficacy of masks in preventing coronavirus has been intensely politicized, with some studies indicating that cloth masks do basically nothing to prevent the inhalation of viral molecules.

Federal law continues to mandate that all passengers wear face masks during interstate air travel. Passengers who decline to don the face bibs face hefty federal fines and potentially prison time, in what may amount to nothing more than a political show at the behest of the partisan Biden administration.

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