Spanish Defense Minister Opposes the Delivery of Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

On July 8, 2023, Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles declared that cluster bombs should not be sent to assist Ukraine in its fight against Russia,.”Spain, based on the firm commitment it has with Ukraine, also has a firm commitment that certain weapons and bombs cannot be delivered under any circumstances,” Robles declared, per a report by Reuters.

Spain is among the over 100 countries that prohibits the use of cluster bombs. Robles noted that the decision to deploy cluster bombs to Ukraine was executed by the United States government, but not by NATO.

On July 7, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan announced that the US government made the decision to send Ukraine cluster bombs, even as the United Nations is against their use in Ukraine. He also claimed Ukrainian authorities have provided the US with written assurances that those weapons will be used in a manner that minimizes civilian casualties. Pentagon Spokesman Patrick Ryder said on July 6 that the United States government is prepared to supply Ukraine with cluster bombs that pose the least threat to civilians.

111 nations have joined the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions to ban the use of such munitions on the battlefield. 12 nations have signed the agreement but still haven’t ratified it.

It’s good to see some European countries such as Spain begin to offer some resistance to several of the wackiest proposals being put forward by the US and its lackeys in NATO. Sadly, Spain is largely irrelevant in geopolitical terms these days. So any of its opposition to the way the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is handled will be largely ignored.

However, resistance has to start somewhere. Hopefully, more European countries follow in Spain’s footsteps and start opposing further measures designed to escalate tensions in Ukraine. Europe, a once mighty civilization political bloc, should not be acting as the US’s poodle when it comes to geopolitical affairs.

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