Spanish Equality Minister Claims Children Can Consent to Sex: ‘These are Recognized Rights’

Spanish Minister for Equality Irene Montero has sparked outrage by claiming that children have the ability to consent to sex. She made the comment while defending the right for children to have abortions without the consent of their parents.

“Every boy, every girl, every trans child in this country has the right to know their own body, to know that no adult can touch their body if they don’t want them to, and that if they do, then that is a form of violence,” Montero said.

“They have the right to know that they can love and have sexual relations with anyone that they want, based on mutual consent. These are recognized rights,” she added.

Montero’s remarks can be seen here:

Spanish writer Juan Manuel Prada noted how Montero’s beliefs lead to a slippery slope that normalizes pedophilia.

“If she decides that small children can choose their own sexual identity and decide about mutilation of their body through a ‘sex change,’ then why shouldn’t they have the right to decide with who they want to have sexual intercourse?” he asked.

Italian priest Fortunato Di Noto noted that Montero is echoing the talking points of pedophiles and their advocates, who have rebranded themselves as minor-attracted persons (MAPs) in recent years.

Big League Politics has reported on how pedophile advocates are making their way through cultural institutions worldwide as their LGBT predecessors once did:

An assistant professor at Old Dominion University (ODU) is defending pedophiles, calling them by their new preferred euphemism of “minor-attracted persons,” and claiming that their behavior can be “moral.”

ODU assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice Allyn Walker wrote his book, A Long Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity to promote pedophile acceptance. He explained the rationale behind his thoughts while taking questions in a recent livestream.

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