Spanish Prosecutor Argues for Leniency for Alleged Rape Gang Because Underage Victim ‘Did Not Fight Back’

A Spanish prosecutor is arguing that six men accused of viciously gang-raping a 14-year-old girl should not be charged with rape because the victim “did not fight back” during the assault.

The prosecutor alleges that the six men took the underage girl into an abandoned factory and accosted her on Oct. 2016. A seventh man, accused of masturbating while watching the heinous act, faces 18 months in prison for failing to help the victim.

All of the six men deny having assaulted the 14-year-old girl, despite the fact that one alleged perpetrator’s semen was found on her clothing.

“I don’t know how that could have got there, she must have sat on something,” he said on the first day of the trial on Wednesday in Barcelona.

The prosecution claims that, while there was no consent given as the underage girl was drunk, the offense may not be rape because she never put up a fight against her attackers, despite the fact that she was too inebriated to properly resist the acts. The alleged abusers would receive a maximum sentence of 12 years if convicted of the lesser charge of sexual abuse.

The lawyers for the 14-year-old girl claim she was intimidated into silence and demand sentences of 15-to-20 years for the accused if they are found guilty. Experts claim that “involuntary paralysis” or “freezing” can happen as the result of sexual assault, and that is likely what happened in this case.

The 14-year-old girl and witnesses are expected to give their testimony before the court on Monday. The prosecutor may change the recommendation based on the victim’s testimony.

This follows a sentencing of a group calling themselves La Manada, translated to the “wolf pack,” who were given only nine years in prison after raping a teenager. The prosecutor determined that they had not committed rape under similar circumstances.

The Supreme Court later ruled that the case was in fact rape and the guilty parties received an additional six years on each of their prison sentences as a result.

The year of 2017 was the worst year ever of violence toward women in Spain, with 158,217 women being victims of domestic violence. It may not be a coincidence that this spike in violence toward women is happening as third-world invaders pour across the border.

While the identities of these accused men are currently being cloaked from the public by the Spanish government and media, a rising trend of gang rapes from third-world migrants in recent years shows that the end result of multiculturalism is misery and suffering for the most vulnerable members of society.