Spanish-Speaking Media Outlets are Shilling for Court Packing

Spanish-language television networks have traditionally been respected for their objectivity. However, when Donald Trump was elected in 2016, their otherwise neutral coverage of current affairs completely disappeared. 

Jorge Bonilla of NewsBusters highlighted some of the low points of Hispanic networks coverage of Democrats’ recent court-packing shenanigans. He drew from examples such as Telemundo and Univision as noted below:

NACHO LOZANO, TELEMUNDO: A revolutionary expansion of the U.S Supreme Court seeks to expand those seats thanks to a bill by the Democrats, from the current 9 Justices to a total of 13. This would be the first Court reform in 152 years. If filed, the bill would face stiff opposition from Republicans. 

ARANTXA LOIZAGA, TELEMUNDO: The Court is currently made up of three liberal Justices and six conservatives, three of which were nominated by the now-former President Trump. The Republican minority has already labeled this Democratic effort as a direct assault on the Judiciary.

BORJA VOCES, UNIVISION: And in Washington, Democrats will file a bill to expand the Supreme Court from nine Justices to thirteen, which Republicans oppose. President Joe Biden announced the formation of a bilateral commission to study the structure of the Supreme Court, to wit — the amount of Justices, and the length of their terms. Thus keeping his campaign promise to unite a divided nation.

Spanish-speaking networks should know better than to cape for court packing. Latin American countries are known for their dysfunctional political practices in which constitutions are changed on a dime, thus generating political and economic instability.

If the US goes down this route, it will accompany its southern neighbors in becoming a hub of economic and political instability. Sane Americans should do everything possible to stop projects like court-packing, or the United States will suffer a similar fate of constant crisis and political chaos. 

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