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‘Spirit Cooking’ artist tells donors $2.2 million raised for project went to pot



The performance artist, who became famous for her “Spirit Cooking” events exposed in the WikiLeaks release of John Podesta’s emails, is catching heat for her handling of millions of dollars she raised off Kickstarter.

“Performance artist Marina Abramovic has backed out of her grandiose plans for her upstate arts institute and questions loom over what happened to the $2.2 million she raised over four years for the project, including donations from the likes of Jay-Z and nearly 5,000 donors in a Kickstarter campaign,” reported The New York Post.

The goal of the project was to convert a 1936 building in Hudson, New York into the permanent home of the Marina Abramovic Institute, which would be devoted to the development and study of performance art, according to the project’s Kickstarter page.

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The second phase of the project was the developing of blueprints and plans and the purpose of the Kickstarter campaign.

Artist’s conception of the future Marina Abramovic Institute building (Courtesy of MAI)

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In an Oct. 12 update to contributors and supporters, the MAI announced that the project was shuttered:

MAI initiated a Kickstarter campaign to fund the second phase of the studies, the schematic designs. After the completion of this phase, the project budget was estimated to exceed 31 million dollars.

In view of that, the Board of MAI has decided to cancel the building project. The project cost and the project risk far exceeds initial expectations and estimates.
MAI continues to be committed to serving its mission and to achieve the greatest possible global impact.

In her Kickstarter campaign explanation page to launch the project, Abramovic, as a community organizer, said she wanted to include the community in the funding, so they would feel invested in her vision.

“By inviting the broader public to contribute to our early development, Kickstarter helps to affirm and build the engaged community necessary for sustaining MAI into the future,” Abramovic said. The Marina Abramovic Institute is the vehicle the artist used for the project.

Contributors could also receive virtual bricks:

Thank you for laying a virtual brick in the foundation of MAI. Your founder status will be commemorated on our official website. Sponsor 10 bricks ($100) and receive a digital COLUMN FOUNDER certificate. Sponsor 100 bricks ($1,000) and receive a digital WALL FOUNDER certificate. Sponsor 1,000 bricks ($10,000) and receive a digital CHAMBER FOUNDER certificate. PLUS Digital MAI reward.

Part of the project involved having participants wear lab coats:

At MAI, labcoats are not intended to repress participants’ individuality, but rather to create a shared experience, bolstering empathic connection between participants. By acting as both a blank slate and common experience, MAI’s labcoats support an audience’s ability to absorb long durational works. Also, they’re kind of fun.

Another component was crystals:

Crystals are routinely used across art, science, technology and spirituality — the very fields MAI hopes to bring into conversation. Not only are they objects of metaphysical fascination, crystals are also pivotal in everyday technologies like watches, printers and computers. A crystal’s unique lattice-work structure reflects numerous touchstones of art and aesthetics, not least among them being long durationality. Along with crystals, a diverse array of items and ideas with technological, artistic, spiritual, and scientific overlaps will be present in programs at the institute, all in the spirit of fostering interdisciplinary conversation and collaboration.

The day MAI announced the shutdown, Howard Sanders, who supported 12 other Kickstarter projects posted:

While it is requested that comments be respectful and considerate, this campaign and the results of it should serve as a warning about what happens when crowd sourced funding is ill considered. That is as respectful as I can be. I have been a recipient of Kickstarter funding and remain eternally grateful. Many great projects found life on this platform. This one is an embarrassment. Feel free to remove it if you find it inappropriate.

Kickstarter “Super Backer” Brook Brown, who has backed 143 projects, posted:

I’m with Howard. I’ll be respectful but I am significantly disappointed in the outcome. The delta between assumed cost and actual is extraordinary, at possibly 100% off the mark.
I’ll continue to support the work MAI is doing, but this is a significant stain on the ability for art-based kickstarters to get funding, and I really hope the effect on others who come after isn’t felt too severely.

Abramovic is also known for her association to the DNC and celebrity supporters of Hillary R. Clinton, who was discovered on 2016 WikiLeaks reports in disturbing emails between John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman and other Clinton supporters.

An example is this email from WikiLeaks from Abramovic to the campaign chairman’s brother:

From: Marina Abramovic <<>>
Date: June 28, 2015 at 2:35:08 AM GMT+2
To: Tony Podesta <<>>
Subject: Dinner

Dear Tony,

I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining?

All my love, Marina

Although there was wild speculation about Spirit Cooking on the Internet, in a Nov. 4, 2016 interview with ArtNews the artist said:

“I’m outraged, because this is taken completely out of my context,” Abramovic told me by phone this afternoon. She was at Sean Kelly Gallery, her rep in New York. The dinner, she explained, was a reward for donors to a Kickstarter campaign she had run. Tony Podesta has collected her work since the 1990s, and he attended, but John couldn’t make it. In fact, she has never met John Podesta.

“It was just a normal dinner,” Abramovic said, adding that about 10 people attended. “It was actually just a normal menu, which I call spirit cooking. There was no blood, no anything else. We just call things funny names, that’s all.” (The Kickstarter page advertised “traditional soups.”)




Sen. Josh Hawley Folds? Blames Trump for ‘Inflammatory, Irresponsible, Wrong’ Comments

Hawley is no leader.



Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has been criticized for leading the GOP’s electoral college objection amidst widespread allegations of voter fraud, and he has responded by throwing former President Donald Trump under the bus.

Hawley issued a statement to oppose the impeachment of Trump following the conclusion of his presidency, which is unprecedented and unlawful, in which he threw Trump under the bus and essentially blamed him for the violence in the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

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In the aftermath of the violence, many left-wing voices accused Hawley of sedition and treason for asking for an investigation into a laundry list of irregularities that have been widely ignored by authorities.

There have even been calls by Democrats to revoke the will of the people by ejecting Hawley from office in order to punish him for drawing attention to voter fraud, as Big League Politics has reported:

Conventional wisdom can often be misleading and at times dangerous if we believe in it too strongly.

Take for example West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. He is constantly marketed as the Democrats’ most moderate Senator. There is a grain of truth to this. Manchin has publicly stated that he opposes ending the filibuster and has also poured cold water on $2,000 stimulus checks. But that’s where the moderation ends.

Manchin is now saying that the Senate should entertain the idea of expelling Senators Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) by using the 14th Amendment over their recent decision to challenge the Electoral College results.

On PBS’s Firing Line, Manchin said the Senate should look into the option after right-wing activists stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Manchin is of the opinion that President Donald Trump and Senators like Hawley and Cruz “incited” these demonstrators.

“That should be a consideration,” Manchin stated. “He understands that. Ted’s a very bright individual, and I get along fine with Ted, but what he did was totally outside of the realm of our responsibilities or our privileges.”

According to the 14th Amendment, no elected official “shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.”

Hyped up leftist pundits believe that the 14th amendment is applicable to Cruz and Hawley due to how they allegedly “incited” the riot by talking about electoral fraud and pointing out electoral irregularities.

Hawley finally caved under the pressure, and he has shown he is not the man to take the reigns to lead the America First movement after Trump.

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