Spotify Kicks Obamas to the Curb

The streaming service Spotify has kicked the Obama family to the curb after giving them $25 million to produce podcasting content exclusively for the platform.

The Obamas are looking for a new sucker after Spotify decided that the Obamas did not live up to their end of the bargain. They did not produce enough content to satisfy Spotify and make the podcast provider want to re-up the agreement, Bloomberg reported.

“Spotify wanted more shows featuring two of the most famous people in the world,” Bloomberg stated in their report, but the Obama production team preferred to “provide a platform for a range of voices” that nobody really cared about.

Thus far, Michelle Obama has released only 10 episodes of her podcast since its July 2020 launch date. There have been no new episodes in over a year. Barack Obama’s podcast had only eight episodes. To contrast, popular Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan released 15 episodes last month.

As news of the Obamas getting dropped from Spotify circulated, Barack Obama lashed out at War Room host Steve Bannon, comparing him to Russian President Vladimir Putin, apparently out of jealousy that people actually care about Bannon’s podcast and not his.

“People like [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, and Steve Bannon for that matter, understand it’s not necessary for people to believe this information in order to weaken democratic institutions. You just have to flood a country’s public square with enough raw sewage. You just have to raise enough questions, spread enough dirt, plant enough conspiracy theorizing, that citizens no longer know what to believe,” Obama said while giving an address at Stanford University on Thursday.

Big League Politics has reported on how the Obamas are quietly pushing policies that are despised by the vast majority of the American people:

Former president Barack Hussein Obama is angry about the mounting opposition against critical race theory, a racist fiction-based curriculum that is rooted in anti-American marxist dogma.

The poison of critical race theory has seeped into every crevice of society, which has blossomed into a Black Lives Matter terror uprising that now threatens civilization. This is apparently the fulfillment of the “change” that Obama brought to America with his undeserved media-boosted rise to power.

“There are certain right-wing media venues, for example, that monetize and capitalize on stoking the fear and resentment of a white population that is witnessing a changing America,” Obama said during a recent appearance on CNN.

The clip can be seen here:

… Obama, called the founder of ISIS by Trump, started this widespread cultural movement to desecrate the U.S. that is now taking hold. The blood is on his hands for the destruction that is taking place right now.

The Obamas have disappointed everyone who put their faith in them, including the American people. It should come as no surprise that they screwed Spotify.

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