Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich Claims President Trump Brings Out “The Worst in People”

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich continued his obsession with President Donald Trump on Wednesday when the 5-time NBA Champion claimed the President “brings out the dark side of human beings for his own purpose”.

With his team in Washington, D.C. for a Thursday night matchup with the Wizards, Popovich told reporters President Trump only uses his influence for personal gain while urging Americans to “resist” the Commander-in-Chief.

“We take our eye off the ball. He’s great at it,” Popovich told reporters. “He brings out the dark side of human beings for his own purpose, which is himself. If it’s not pointed out, if people don’t stand up and point it out, it will become commonplace. It’s not the world that I want to live in.”

Popovich has continuously made headlines throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign and the Trump presidency for his attacks on the President, leading many to wonder if the 69-year-old coach will ever be able to recover from President Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton.

Here he is last year calling the United States of America an “embarrassment.”


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