Statist ‘Conservative’ Shill Derides Second Amendment Sanctuaries as “Affront to the Rule of Law” in Washington Examiner Diatribe

Brad Polumbo, a writer for the DC Examiner, recently dismissed Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions

He tweeted, “I’m pro-gun and completely opposed to Virginia Democrats’ gun control agenda. But the “Second Amendment sanctuaries” cropping up in response to pending anti-gun legislation are an affront to the rule of law.”


In an article for the Examiner, he criticized “Second Amendment sanctuaries” labeling them as “an affront to the rule of law”. He added that these movements “threaten the viability of our entire electoral system.”

The Second Amendment sanctuaries refer to localities that have passed resolutions condemning potential state infringements coming from the Virginia state government. These kinds of resolutions have gathered tremendous momentum now that Democrats are in complete control of the state government.

Polumbo tried to hedge his message by declaring that “the gun control measures Virginia Democrats are passing are foolish and misguided.” However, he believes that “the proper response to anti-gun bills is to challenge them in court and punish their sponsors at the ballot box — not descend into lawlessness and anarchy, as “Second Amendment sanctuaries” threaten to do.”

In Polumbo’s view, “The right way to fight anti-gun laws is in the courts. If they really do violate the Second Amendment — and I sure think they do — then the courts will eventually rule as much, even if the issue must go all the way to the conservative-majority Supreme Court. I sincerely doubt most of this anti-gun agenda would survive legal scrutiny if properly challenged by Second Amendment supporters in the judicial system.”

The journalist concludes that “Supporters of gun rights, among which I firmly count myself, should take our fight to the public, to the ballot box, and to the court system — but never let it descend into lawlessness.”

Let’s be real here. Even with District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago Supreme Court case, which produced the correct decisions, blue states still violate gun rights like there’s no tomorrow regardless of what the federal courts say. This is how the Left operates. They don’t care about rules, procedures, or the constitutionality of legislation. They will do what it takes to win.

For the last century, the U.S. has witnessed the centralization of public administration and a federal government that does not care about the constitutionality of the arbitrary legislation it passes. While the courts have on a few occasions ruled correctly in certain Second Amendment cases, they have done very little to push back against the growth of government. If gun owners don’t get their act together, they’re going to lose more than their so-called “assault weapons.” All firearms, will then be subject to every kind of gun control regulation under the sun.

Given these undeniable trends, gun rights activists have to get creative with their activism. Whether we like it or not, Second Amendment sanctuaries offer a way out of this corrupt status quo.

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