Steve Bannon Exits Stifling Day Job

Steve Bannon, Facebook

Stephen K. Bannon will depart as White House chief strategist after resigning two weeks ago.

The activist, online newspaperman, investor, documentary filmmaker, and radio host concludes a seven-month tenure running strategy in the President Donald J. Trump White House.

At Breitbart during the presidential campaign, Bannon created for Trump what he compared to The New York TimesĀ during the age of Abraham Lincoln, after longshot candidate Lincoln’s anti-slavery Cooper Union speech of 1860.

In the White House, Bannon played a key role in crafting the Trump administration’s executive orders, including the order to build a southern border wall protecting the American mainland. Trump established the most productive executive-order pace in presidential history.

Bannon was fond of telling people that no one ever recognizes a leader. “A leader just sits in the back of the room and lets people say, Look at all that we have accomplished.”

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