Steve Bannon Fans the Flame Of Global Populism In Austraila In “Dangerous Plot to Save Western Civilization”

4 Corners, Australia’s premier current affairs program, will air an interview of Stephen K. Bannon, Chairman of Citizens of the American Republic, to talk about the Global Populist movement and the release of his upcoming movie, Trump At War.

“In an age of upheaval, a controversial figure is fanning the flames, Steve Banon will be on Monday at 8:30”, the promo said.

From their website:

“As the Liberal Party tries to piece itself back together after the chaos of last week, Four Corners brings you an interview with the man hoping to overthrow the entire political class.

Steve Bannon put Donald Trump in the White House and rewrote the rules of modern politics along the way.

Described as the most dangerous political operative in America, the strategist, renegade Republican and professional provocateur channelled the anger and disappointment of those who felt left behind by globalism to install Donald Trump as president.

Now, he’s taking his cause to the world in a crusade to “save” western civilisation, as the leader of a global populist-nationalist movement. He calls it a revolution.”




Bannon has been on a media blitz since mid-August to talk about his upcoming movie, Trump At Wa, when he released the trailer for the film to social media.  The clip features cameos from Corey Lewandowksi, Sebastian Gorka, Pete Hegseth , Raheem Kassam, Raynard Jackson as well as footage of Antifa violence and sound bites from Democrats like Tim Kaine, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

Watch the official trailer:


At the same time as the release of the movie trailer, Bannon announced his new group, Citizens of the American Republic, which Bannon said will be used to help Americans “Maximized their citizenship value”.

One of the main focuses of the group for this fall will be to protect the presidency of Donald J. Trump from impeachment by telling people to get out and vote for Republicans so they can maintain control of the House of Representatives.


Bannon will also be talking about his broader movement around the globe, to motivate voters to seek populist candidates.

And now, the announcer says, “Bannon is heading for Australia”

“There is a lot of anger out there. I think we can harness the anger. It doesn’t matter if you call us racists and fascists. This movement is not going to stop,” Bannon said.

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