STONE COLD MILLER: Stephen Takes Charge As Kirstjen Gets The Boot

White House adviser Stephen Miller is finally taking charge of the Trump administration’s immigration priorities as Kirstjen Nielsen, General John Kelly’s former aide, resigned from the top post at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Border hawk Kris Kobach is seen as a leading contender to replace Nielsen as Miller consolidates his grip on the border crisis. But Kobach could also be relegated to an invented “border czar” role with unclear duties. The United States is currently under invasion, with George Soros money financing the invading caravan organizers. Ken Cuccinelli, an avowed NeverTrumper during Trump’s political rise, is also inexplicably being discussed as a candidate for a top border-related position.

A handful of DHS bureaucrats are following Nielsen out the door, as well as the director of the Secret Service, whom Trump personally ordered gone.

“Replacing the USSS director signals that immigration hardliner Stephen Miller is gaining more leverage in the White House,” the Daily Mail reports.

Good. Miller is not only a poetic speechwriter for President Trump, but also one of the few Trump administration officials who exist mostly outside of the incompetent bureaucracy displayed by the large majority of the American government.

Will the administration begin to catch up to Miller on the defining issue of our time: the globalist Left’s plan to break our country with mass immigration and constant invasion of the homeland?

BLP reported Sunday:

Chief of staff Mick Mulvaney laid out a three-point plan for the border crisis on “Fox News Sunday,” which surprisingly pushed him on the urgency of the situation at the U.S.-Mexico line.

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency for the Wall and vetoed Congress’ objection to it, so Wall-building is commencing on the border and should increase rapidly.

But Mulvaney’s plan still relies on Mexico, Central American countries, and Congress.

Mulvaney said that:

  1. Mexico must “continue” apprehending migrants, which they only just started doing as a result of Trump tariff threats.
  2. The Central American “Northern Triangle” caravan countries need to help (as if that’s going to happen, and the pulling off their foreign “aid” funds is still officially a “threat” from the White House).
  3. Congress needs to change the immigration laws.

Immigration laws can be changed by executive order, and the ones that require Congress give President Trump all the more momentum in his re-election campaign, in which Republicans also hope to take back the House under Trump on the ticket.

Mulvaney is a good tea party political strategist for President Trump, who serves McDonald’s in the White House, but his job is not to stand in the way of the President using his broad executive authority as Commander in Chief to secure our people.

With Soros money funding the caravan organizers, this is nothing short of an invasion.

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