Stop Everything You Are Doing and Go Watch ‘Get Me Roger Stone’

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Get Me Roger Stone is now airing on Netflix, and you absolutely need to stop reading this and go watch it.

The gripping documentary profiles Stone from his early days causing trouble in his elementary school’s mock election, through Watergate, and his involvement with President Donald Trump. If the filmmakers were attempting to make him look bad however, they failed.

The brilliant documentary was described as “horror” by liberal website Vox, though it is a wonderful dream come true for those who enjoy Stone’s antics.

“It is better to be infamous than never be famous at all,” Stone asserts.

Early in the film, Stone recalls rooting for John F. Kennedy over Richard Nixon because his hair was “so much better than Nixon’s hair.” Though he was just a boy, Stone set out to help Kennedy win the popular vote in his elementary school — by going to every table in the cafeteria and alerting his classmates that Nixon had proposed having school on Saturdays.

“Well, then the mock election was held, and to the surprise of the local newspaper Democrat John Kennedy swept this mock election — for the first time ever, I understood the value of disinformation — of course I’ve never practiced it since then,” Stone deadpans.

He goes on to describe being given a copy of Barry Goldwater’s book ‘The Conscience of a Conservative,’ by a neighbor when he was 12-years-old, and knowing immediately after finishing it that he wanted to go into politics.

By 19, Stone accomplished his goal and was working for the Nixon campaign — while pulling what he calls, “dirty tricks.” He was the youngest person to be named in the Watergate scandal.

The fast-paced and exciting documentary explains that though Stone’s role in Watergate may have been minor, the media began to portray him as some sort of evil mastermind — which he used to his advantage. Instead of attempting to debunk the theories and stories about him, he embraced them, with the rule of always attack and never defend.

“Let me ask you, is it more brilliant and impressive to influence world events, or, to stand on the periphery of world events — and yet get recorded as having influenced world events? Maybe the latter.” Fox News favorite Tucker Carlson, who appears providing commentary throughout, states.

The film also shows off Stone’s extensive Nixon collection, including bongs shaped like his head — and the infamous tattoo of the former president’s face prominently displayed on his back.

According to Stone, he had been attempting to get Trump to run for the presidency since 1987, claiming that he “was like a jockey looking for a horse.”

Carlson notes that Trump is not someone who wants to be lead, however, and “kept spitting out the bit.”

While Trump himself may not appreciate the amount of influence the documentary portrays Stone as having, the story is an exciting tale of an absolutely brilliant and calculating political mind.

“Those who say I have no soul, those who say I have no principles, they’re losers,” Stone says. “They’re bitter losers.”

The scorched earth montage of the final four weeks of the Trump campaign, as well as the media montage from the evening that he was elected, will be impossible for those who wanted to “Make America Great Again” to watch without cracking a smile.

Love him or hate him, this documentary is a must-see to understand the inner workings of every political scandal for the past 50 years — and how to win. Enemies of should take note, because those who he inspires sure will be.

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