‘Stop The Steal’ Founder Ali Alexander Suspended On Twitter For Reportedly Posting Kanye West Lyrics

Veteran political strategist and “Stop the Steal” founder Ali Alexander had his Twitter account suddenly suspended Wednesday morning, reportedly for posting lyrics from a song that features Ye, formerly known as Kanye West. Alexander’s suspension comes less than three weeks after his account, which had over 174,000 followers, was reinstated after he had been suspended for two years.

The “Stop the Steal” founder, who is advising Ye on a potential 2024 presidential campaign, posted a screenshot on his public Telegram channel of the tweet that he claims is “being used by a rogue Twitter Staffer to justify a no-notification perma ban.” The tweet used lyrics from the song “Burn Everything,” which features Ye.

“No one advocated for actually burning human beings,” Alexander emphasized. “This was targeted and illegitimate. Metaphors and quoting rap songs aren’t policy violations.”

Alexander claimed to have identified the Twitter user who got him suspended: a “pro-DeSantis, anti-Trump, anti-Ye, anti-Christian civics account” who “knew at the time it was a false report” and “is now bragging about it.” He linked to the user, @JamesMitchem85, who posted a screenshot on Twitter showing that he had reported Alexander’s tweet for “abusive behavior” and that a “violation” was found. “Today Ali is back in the penalty box,” he celebrated following Alexander’s suspension.

“They’re afraid of Ye,” Alexander wrote in a separate post. “I’ve violated no policies, got no email, never done a Twitter Space, only called for Love & aggressive Peace. They’re afraid of me organizing so rogue employees and mass reporters are doing the mostest. I rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ. Give me my account back, now!”

Prominent conservative influencers took to Twitter to call for Alexander’s reinstatement. “Looks like @ali was banned for quoting rap lyrics,” wrote @ALX. “While Amnesty is step one, a re-write of ToS is needed.”

Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer also brought awareness to Alexander’s suspension.

Joining Twitter in 2007, Alexander frequently credits himself for popularizing right-wing Twitter. In 2018, he met with Twitter’s former CEO Jack Dorsey to discuss Twitter’s censorship of conservatives and a “shared future where people with different beliefs can exist on the same platform.” Alexander personally advocated for Twitter to restore the accounts of influential right-wing figures Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes.

Following the events on January 6, 2021, Twitter suspended Alexander’s account. He has since said Twitter was “instrumental to Stop the Steal” and has tried to get his account reinstated, which finally happened on January 9, 2023, after Elon Musk became Twitter’s new CEO.

“I remain a threat because of what I can do: I can organize the right into collective, effective action. It’s never anything I’ve said. Only what I am uniquely capable of doing and do, do,” Alexander wrote on Telegram on Wednesday. “People are willing to lose their jobs and violate Twitter Company policies in order to attempt to slow or stop me.”

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