INTERVIEW: Street Artist Sabo Makes Democrat Nazi Posters To Ban Republicans From Places

Los Angeles street artist Sabo, a visionary of the alternative conservative movement, is out with his latest creative gambit: Nazi-style posters emblazoned with the DNC symbol to keep Republicans out of restaurants and other places of business.

“We wanted to showcase how the Leftists have become modern day Nazis’s. First the dehumanize is, then they deny us, then they’ll kill us. It scares me to think how far this is going to go. The Left doesn’t realize what they’re doing mimics Nazi techniques,” Sabo tells Big League Politics.

Now, if you’re a fascist Democrat, you can keep out Republicans the same way the owners of the Red Hen blocked Sarah Sanders from eating! Check out the new posters, which can be downloaded from and used anywhere speech is suppressed!:

Here is some of Big League Politics’ exclusive interview with the mysterious Sabo prior to the Jimmy Kimmel-hosted Academy Awards:

“Jimmy Kimmel is Adam Carolla’s backwash,” Sabo told Big League Politics, referring to the ABC late-night host who is emceeing the Oscars. Kimmel previously worked on the Man Show with Adam Carolla, who has become a prominent right-of-center social commentator.

“I don’t even know how he has the job or why people tune in to him. But I guess they mostly don’t tune in anymore,” Sabo says of Kimmel, an also-ran competitor in the late night game who manages about half a point in the 18-to-49 demo.

Kimmel this week was called “America’s conscience” by the Washington Post, and The Atlantic bent over backwards to condone his past sexist humor in a piece entitled “Forgiving Jimmy Kimmel.” The broadcaster boosted his profile with a series of emotional monologues bashing President Trump over health care and other policy issues, endearing him to the Resistance movement that mostly did not care about his work one way or another during his first fifteen years on the ABC airwaves.

Sabo is not having it. The artist and member of the Proud Boys explained to Big League Politics how he personally torments Kimmel by placing anti-Kimmel art installations on the host’s daily commute route where Kimmel is sure to see them.

Here, Sabo placed a sign at the exact point where Kimmel made an illegal left turn:

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