Student Government Impeaches Pro-Trump Latina Student Senator for Her Opposition to Illegal Immigration

A Latina student at Loyola Marymount University was impeached for simply being against illegal immigration. Stephanie Martinez is the student government Senator for diversity and inclusion.

Her pro-Trump views have made her an easy target for the PC enforcers at her university. The College Fix reported that Martinez was subject to an impeachment on the night of October 11, 2020 by her colleagues at the Associated Students of Loyola Marymount University (ASLMU). The impeachment trial took three hours.

The impeachment proceedings kicked off last Spring following the discovery of several tweets coming from Martinez in which she voiced her opposition to illegal immigration.

A week ago, student Senator Camille Orozco submitted a motion contending that Martinize violated Article 8 of the student bylaws, which stipulates “conduct that severely damages the integrity or authority of ASLMU or the office held by the individual in question.”

In her opening statement, Orozco made the case that Martinez’s impeachment did not infringe on her right to free speech and instead dealt with “conduct which has severely damaged the integrity, or authority of ASLMU or the office held by Senator Martinez.”

She made the assertion that Martinez’s remarks hurt the relationship between Associated Students of Loyola Marymount University and pro-mass migration groups at the university such as First To Go and The Learning Community.

Martinez defended herself by saying that “despite what was stated, that this is not about free speech or political identity, I argue that this is not the case.”

She added:

The impeachment case against me was brought forward as a result of the Loyolan article and subsequent petition in response to my creation of the Students for Trump Instagram page.

The student government’s constitution outlines how no officer or member of the student government can face discrimination for their political affiliations.

However, two ASLMU officers took an anti-free speech approach to this matter. Chief Programming Officer Brion Dennis and Director of Free Speech & Expression Robyn De Leon backed up Orozco’s case against Martinez.

De Leon was of the opinion that Martinez’s tweets were not subject to free speech protections due to how they were “very alienating of unrepresented and marginalized communities. She cited Martinez’s usage of the term “illegal alien” as for why her speech should not merit First amendment protections.

Phillip Nieto of the College Fix provided the following background information for De Leon:

De Leon serves in the ASLMU cabinet while moonlighting as a writer for Agency LMU, a progressive LMU student news blog. She was also a co-author of the original article that dug up Martinez’s old tweets.

Scott Meyers, vice president of LMU College Republicans, came to Martinez’s defense and said during his testimony that, “I think a lot of what conservatives stand for is freedom of speech, and I believe that this is entirely a free speech issue.”

In her closing argument, Martinez described the trial as a “sham.” She viewed it as “a kangaroo court and conservative students on campus are furious.” She ended her defense by posing the following question:

 So I want to ask you, how will you represent conservative students on campus?

The senate ended up voting 18-1 for impeachment. 2 members abstained from the vote.

A number of conservative students at the LMU campus started a petition in response to this impeachment proceeding in order to  “hold ASLMU accountable for false impeachment.” So far, over 300 people have signed on to the petition.

With how radicalized universities are becoming these days, it’s probably best that right wingers cpt for trade schools or universities that cater to conservatives, unless they are pursuing STEM or other hard skills.


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