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Students Sue School District After Being Punished for ‘Racist’ Banter in Private Snapchat Group

A witch hunt was started against the students for alleged racism.



A group of students has filed a free speech lawsuit in Saline, Mich. alleging that their civil rights were violated by school administrators who punished them for their banter in a private Snapchat group.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday, Feb. 11, in U.S. District Court in Detroit on behalf of four anonymous students, who were punished by the school district following a hysteria regarding racism after they sent joking messages in a chat room. The lawsuit alleges that two students were suspended as a result of their out-of-school speech while two others have been recommended for expulsion.

“The school is acting outside the scope of its authority, has no legal right to impose the discipline carried out, and has violated our clients’ constitutional rights by their reckless and hasty rush to judgment,” lawyer David A. Kallman, the attorney for the children, said in a statement.

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The lawsuit claims that the school district has no jurisdiction to punish the children based on messages sent from their “homes, privately owned phones, on a non-school day.”

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The students want the district to admit in a declaration that their actions were an infringement upon the students’ 1st Amendment rights. They also want the school district to formalize changes to their rules so other students’ rights are not similarly violated and for the students’ records and transcripts to be completely expunged moving forward.

Saline Superintendent Scot Graden called the private Snapchat postings that were brought to his attention “an act of racism that created harm to all of our students, especially students of color.” Kallman believes that he overreacted and took the messages out of their proper context.

“African-American and Caucasian children were using inappropriate and offensive language in a joking manner and in the context of immature banter among friends,” Kallman said in his news release about the case.

“The conversation did not occur at the school, at a school event, or on any school equipment. While all the children are embarrassed by their language, it does not justify the school’s rush to judgment and overreaction,” he added.

Kallman believes that this is a matter for parents to deal with and out of the jurisdiction of public school bureaucrats who want to push their left-wing values onto students.

“If a child gets stopped for drunk driving on a Saturday night, does the school have the right to expel that student? The answer is obvious. No,” Kallman wrote. “The conversation of these children had nothing to do with the school. It has no authority to discipline students for out of school misbehavior.”

Graden, the Saline Area Schools Board of Education, Assistant Superintendent Steve Laatsch, Saline High School Principal David Raft, Saline High School Assistant Principal and football coach Joe Palka, Assistant Principal Theresa Stager, Director of Student Services Molly Garcia, and Assistant Principal Kirk Evenson are named as defendants in the lawsuit.

A Saline high school football player released a threatening video in the midst of the controversy warning all those who support free speech that they are “outnumbered.” It has since become a rallying cry for the social justice warriors in the city to impose their anti-constitutional agenda.

“From all the people that believe in change to all the people who don’t: You’re outnumbered,” the student said in his video address.

The lawsuit hopes to push back against the diversity and tolerance mob and achieve a victory for the 1st Amendment against a leftist-dominated school system that is notoriously hostile to constitutional principles.


TRAGIC: Judge Reverses ‘Save James’ Ruling, Forces Father to Finance 8-Year-Old Son’s Gender Transition

The father has to pay $5,000 a month so his son can become transgendered.



A district judge has reversed the ruling regarding 8-year-old James Younger, whose mother was forcing him to transition away from his birth gender against the wishes of his father.

Dallas District Court Judge Mary Brown has ruled in favor of James’ mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, and is granting her full custody. She is also forcing his father, Jeffrey Younger, to pay for gender treatments for his son’s transition to the tune of $5,000 per month.

“She has forced James to live as “Luna” in a school surrounded by teachers and therapists who do not acknowledge that he has said multiple times to multiple people (without Jeff around) that he wants to be a boy and hates being forced to be a girl,” the “Save James” Facebook page announced on Wednesday.

“She has forced Jude into a stressful existence of constant lies and misery as he watches his brother get destroyed before him without any hope for an end to this madness. Anne won this battle without even a hearing,” the page continued.

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They are calling for people to spring into action and restart the fervor that caused a social media explosion behind the “Save James” movement months ago.

“The time for passive actions must end TODAY! We call upon all SaveJames supporters to join us to get the attention of our conservative leaders on every social media platform possible. Our voice must be heard for the sake of these brothers. The world must know that we are still fighting tooth and nail to protect them,” the “Save James” page wrote.

Big League Politics has reported about the case that garnered the attention of Texas political figures like Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. Ted Cruz:

Jeffrey Younger spoke to LifeSiteNews shortly before a gag order went into effect banning him from talking in public about his 7-year-old son, James, who is being transitioned into a girl by his non-biological mother.

In the interview, Mr. Younger revealed that his ex-wife, pediatrician Dr. Ann Georgulas, discussed castrating James in an email exchange. Despite the fact that the evidence was revealed in the court of law, the jury still decided to grant custody to Georgulas despite her Mengelean intentions.

“We put up an email from Ms. Georgulas to me in which she contemplates cutting the penis off my son,” Mr. Younger said, according to PJMedia. “Twenty minutes later, they go into deliberations, and they come back voting against me. I mean, the Texas that I grew up in, the Texas that I live in, if a parent did that, we’re just going to give them to the other parent: we’re not going to tolerate that kind of craziness.”

He hopes that his case will be a “wake-up call” to Christians across the country about the need to stand and fight against an LGBT agenda that is clearly after the souls of the children.

“It tells you, I think, how far our society has changed and how much less Christian we are and the way we think about things now,” Mr. Younger said. “I hope it’s a wake-up call to the churches to awaken from their dogmatic slumber and step back onto the streets of the agora like Paul did in Athens and start taking on these issues head-on.”

He added that there were dueling narratives that played out during the court hearing, but still is baffled as to how a jury could give custody of a child to a parent who wants to mutilate them for life.

“I’m not trying to cross-dress my son and mislead him into thinking that he’s a girl. And I’m not pushing my son toward medical transition. And I haven’t done all that without the consent of the other parent. So I think that if we’re looking at two parents who are imperfect, I think I’m a lot less imperfect than Ms. Georgulas,” Mr. Younger said.

The jury was eventually overruled by Judge Kim Cooks, who granted the parents joint custody after widespread national outrage and special attention from Gov. Greg Abbott.

The “Save James” coalition hopes to get public opinion on their side before the next hearing, which is expected to take place in September.

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