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Study: Twitter Bans 21 Conservatives for 1 Liberal



It’s no doubt that Twitter has devolved into an establishment-friendly censored platform in which right-leaning political thought is censored. The social media website was originally devised by its creators as a genuine free speech platform- a vision that was thrown to the winds when it became clear that open exchange of information was politically inconvenient to progressives.

A new study makes clear the extent to which the platform has gone to nuke conservative political expression in the past few years, under the leadership of Jack Dorsey. Columbia University academic Richard Hanania sought to document every suspension of a high profile-Twitter user since January.

Hanania identified 22 banned users who he categorized as influencers on the platform. Out of the 22, 21 were identified as known supporters of Donald Trump for President.

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Only 1 high-profile liberal was identified as being (temporarily) banned- Rose McGowan. McGowan had been suspended after leaking someone’s private phone number, a clear violation of Twitter rules.

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Hanania’s study only focused on widely followed accounts, and it’s likely that Twitter’s conservative-to-liberal suspension ratio would be even higher if his study documenting the site’s comprehensive ban policy.

Hanania noted that progressive Twitter users have escaped consequences for violating the platform’s terms of service. Examples included the New York Times’ Sarah Jeong, who was a source of embarrassment for the Times when her long track record of anti-white racial hatred surfaced shortly after being hired.

Jeong was never suspended, even though Twitter banned Candace Owens for facetiously repeating Jeong’s statements word-for-word towards other groups.

Another leading progressive to evade a Twitter ban was Kathy Griffin, who incited the public to doxx the identities of the falsely accused Covington Catholic boys.

Twitter’s mass implementation of censorship, which is applied in a far more punitive manner towards less prominent users of the platform, represents a fundamental shift from the original vision professed by the company. In 2012 a company executive had described Twitter as the “free speech wing of the free speech party.

Such a description of the platform in 2019 is frankly laughable. But the evolution of the company’s approach towards political speech is a telling example of Silicon Valley’s mass institution of censorship after 2016- an approach adopted in the heat of a establishment panic following Donald Trump’s election.

In hindsight, the vision of a free speech platform was only possible in what’s called the “golden age of the internet,” a term used by critics of big tech to describe a period of time from 2000 to 2014 when major social media platforms were generally more accountable to users than major corporations and government.

The vision of a decentralized internet has largely disappeared over the past several years, replaced by a model in which progressives and liberals in the seats of power of major tech institutions feel they have no choice but to implement mass censorship to shield their political beliefs from criticism.

An example of this is the widespread shuttering of comment sections across online news outlets.

The transformation of the internet into a curated and patrolled zone poses major threats to democracy in America and in the West, broadly.

Should the attempt to shut down criticism of progressive ideals online fail, it’s possible that liberals could seek to shut down democracy itself as an alternative.


Reddit Forced to Amend New Terms of Service After Carving Out Hate Speech Exemption Against Whites

Reddit was called on their anti-white TOS.



Social media giant Reddit has been forced to amend their new terms of service after they were called out for their anti-white bias.

Quillette writer Colin Wright noted on Sunday that Reddit’s new terms of service seemed to create an exemption that would allow for white people to be readily discriminated against on the platform.

“While the rule on hate protects such groups,” the old terms read, referring to various whining victim groups, “it does not protect all groups or all forms of identity. For example, the rule does not protect groups of people who are in the majority or who promote such acts of hate.”

Even though white people are a global minority, they are demonized by so-called minorities in the few countries in which they do have a majority. It does not take much analysis to understand why the terms of service were written in this manner and which group they were referencing.

After they were called out for their anti-white policies, Reddit changed their terms of service yet again. They made the policy on hate speech more vague, and less explicit, but still allowing for whites to be demonized on their platform.

“While the rule on hate protects such groups, it does not protect those who promote attacks of hate or who try to hide their hate in bad faith claims of discrimination,” Reddit wrote in the new terms of service.

Big League Politics reported on how Reddit booted r/TheDonald off the platform earlier this week as they intensify their Orwellian crackdown against dissident voices:

The social media platform Reddit announced on Monday that they are banning r/TheDonald and many other prominent channels supposedly guilty of hate speech in a massive censorship crackdown.

In addition to r/TheDonald, Reddit will also be removing r/ChapoTrapHouse and over 2,000 other channels from their platform. Reddit is santizing their platform before this year’s U.S. general election, and they want to make sure information is as tightly controlled as possible. They are doing this supposedly at the behest of Black Lives Matter activists who complained that Reddit was not doing enough to censor the voices of their opposition.

“I have to admit that I’ve struggled with balancing my values as an American, and around free speech and free expression, with my values and the company’s values around common human decency,” Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said in a call with reporters.

Huffman claimed that users on r/TheDonald promoted content that they want to suppress, so the entire community must go.

“The community has consistently hosted and upvoted more rule-breaking content than average (Rule 1), antagonized us and other communities (Rules 2 and 8), and its mods have refused to meet our most basic expectations,” Huffman said.

The new terms of service for Reddit contains a great deal of gibberish that can be essentially used to toss all speech deemed offensive to the left-wing mob off the platform.

Reddit is engaged in the Big Tech conspiracy to suppress conservative thought in the run up to this year’s presidential election. They ought to lose their special government protections under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act until they consistently respect the American values of freedom of speech and open expression.

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