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Supreme Court Rejects Gun Rights Groups’ Request to Block Bump Stock Ban



Slate reported that on April 5, 2019 the Supreme Court refused to block the Department of Justice’s ban on bump stocks.

Only Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch voiced dissent in this court decision, effectively making bump stocks illegal across the entire United States.

Bump stocks became the object of gun control fanaticism after it was revealed that the perpetrator of the Las Vegas massacre, Stephen Paddock, used bump stocks in his killing of 58 people.

Several states took matters into their own hands throughout 2018 and banned bump stocks. According to gun control advocates, bump stocks are attached to semi-automatic rifles in order to mimic machine gun fire settings, thus facilitating mass shootings..

The Trump administration’s Justice Department eventually succumbed to the outrage and issued a new regulation on November 2018 that enacted a ban on all bump stocks. This new rule called for bump stock owners to surrender or destroy these devices.

Gun rights groups like the Firearms Policy Coalition filed a temporary injunction against the bump stock ban, but were ultimately derailed by the Supreme Court’s recent decision.

However, the legal fight against this bump stock ban is far from over.

BLP reported how Central Texas gun store owner Michael Cargill filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice’s bump stock ban as well.

The next few months will be rather interesting for Second Amendment supporters as other lawsuits against the federal government’s bump stock ban go through the courts.


A Week After Getting Kicked Off YouTube, Stefan Molyneux Gets Booted from Twitter



On July 7, 2020, right wing social media philosopher Stefan Molyneux received a suspension from Twitter, a week following his ban from YouTube. This move comes at a time when many people are questioning Big Tech’s influence on political discussion on the Internet

The ban was implemented without even so much as a warning, according to a report by RT. Molyneux explained the situation during a livestream. “It’s nice to see that Twitter is talking to tech journalists before they would talk to me,” he commented. The right-wing pundit asserted that he was suspended from the platform following the promotion of a new essay that details his values and beliefs. “It’s not hard to understand why powerful people might not want you to read what I wrote below,” Molyneux wrote in a note detailing his suspension from Twitter.

Molyneux is of the opinion that the campaign to deplatform conservative influences has begun to “energize” conservatives. He believes that his ban shows “who has the power and who doesn’t have the power.”

Twitter disputed the idea that he was kicked off for ideological reasons. Twitter provided a statement to CNN in which it contended that Molyneux “was suspended for spam and platform manipulation, specifically operating fake accounts.”

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But others condemned Twitter’s decision and warned of a growing assault on free speech, expecting “the purge” to “accelerate.”

Fellow commentators such as Mike Cernovich were critical of this decision. He took it a step further by predicting that the group of renowned public figures who recently signed on to an open letter calling out cancel culture would not bother to defend Molyneux.

Cernovich tweeted,”The Venn diagram of people who just signed that Against Cancel Culture letter and those who will mention Stefan Molyneux being banned will be two wholly non-intersecting circles.”

Molyneux is the host of Freedomain Radio and was permanently unpersoned from YouTube on June 29 after supposedly being in violation of the site’s “hate speech” policies.

Molyneux’s removal comes at a time when Big Tech is putting the clamps on all forms of right-wing dissent.

BLP previously reported on Big Tech attacking pro-gun groups as part of their plan to muzzle any form of right-wing expression.

As the 2020 elections approach, this kind of censorship will likely increase against figures who actually stir the pot.

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