Supreme Court Rejects Gun Rights Groups’ Request to Block Bump Stock Ban

Slate reported that on April 5, 2019 the Supreme Court refused to block the Department of Justice’s ban on bump stocks.

Only Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch voiced dissent in this court decision, effectively making bump stocks illegal across the entire United States.

Bump stocks became the object of gun control fanaticism after it was revealed that the perpetrator of the Las Vegas massacre, Stephen Paddock, used bump stocks in his killing of 58 people.

Several states took matters into their own hands throughout 2018 and banned bump stocks. According to gun control advocates, bump stocks are attached to semi-automatic rifles in order to mimic machine gun fire settings, thus facilitating mass shootings..

The Trump administration’s Justice Department eventually succumbed to the outrage and issued a new regulation on November 2018 that enacted a ban on all bump stocks. This new rule called for bump stock owners to surrender or destroy these devices.

Gun rights groups like the Firearms Policy Coalition filed a temporary injunction against the bump stock ban, but were ultimately derailed by the Supreme Court’s recent decision.

However, the legal fight against this bump stock ban is far from over.

BLP reported how Central Texas gun store owner Michael Cargill filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice’s bump stock ban as well.

The next few months will be rather interesting for Second Amendment supporters as other lawsuits against the federal government’s bump stock ban go through the courts.

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