SURPRISE: America’s Most Corrupt Cities are Overwhelmingly Democratic

According to a report by the University of Illinois-Chicago’s Department of Political Science, “Chicago is the most corrupt federal judicial district in the nation” due to how it has the most “total number of public corruption convictions.” They used data that the Department of Justice compiled since 1976.

The report was published on February 22, 2021, which lists America’s top 15 most corrupt judicial districts. Nick Kangadis of MRCTV disclosed a list of the 15 most corrupt districts:

“The judicial districts and their primary cities are ranked as follows: Illinois-Northern (Chicago), California-Central (Los Angeles), New York-Southern (Manhattan), Florida-Southern (Miami), District of Columbia, New Jersey (Newark), Pennsylvania-Eastern (Philadelphia), Ohio-Northern (Cleveland), Virginia-Eastern (Richmond) and New York-Eastern (Brooklyn).”

Kangadis found one trend that stood out among the cities studied. In particular, the overwhelming trend was Democrat control of the majority of cities. From 1976 until to 2019, these cities were predominantly led by Democrats.

MRCTV found the following data points:


  • Besides Miami, Fla., who has officially had five Republican mayors since 1976, no other city in their respective judicial district has had more than two Republican mayors since 1976.
  • Out of the 43 possible mayoral years between 1976 and 2019, Democrat mayors have held office in Miami, Fla. for 28 years, or 65 percent of said years.
  • Cleveland and New York City are the only other cities that have had more than one Republican as mayor since 1976. During that time, Democrats have held mayoral office in Cleveland 27 of the 43 studied years, or nearly 62 percent. Democrats in New York City, if you count the years Michael Bloomberg held office as a Republican, held the mayor’s office 28 out of the 43 studied years, or 65 percent.
  • Out of the 430 total number of years, 10 districts multiplied by 43 studied years, Democrats held office for 374 total years, or roughly 87 percent of the time.
  • New York City is the only city listed twice on the list. Since the city has multiple burroughs, both Manhattan (3rd) and Brookyln (10th) are among the most corrupt U.S. judicial districts.

There’s a growing divide in America between Blue states and red states, along with blue cities and red cities. The blue jurisdictions are known for their woke policies and overall disrespect towards American principles of order and freedom, while red jurisdictions at least try to preserve American heritage. 

During the George Floyd riots, many Americans saw firsthand how derelict some blue areas became when it came to law enforcement, which spurred sane Americans to search for more orderly political climes in other states. These figures from the DOJ should serve as a reminder as to why the U.S. should probably consider some form of negotiated decentralization arrangement and allow for states and cities to have more autonomy.

Some of the differences in America are becoming irreconcilable, and will result in further polarization and potential hot conflict. Policymakers would be wise to find ways to wall off red states from the rest of blue America.

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