Surprise Twitter Firing For Weasel Leaker Don McGahn

Don McGahn, the White House counsel notorious for leaking to the mainstream press, is leaving the White House, according to a President Donald Trump tweet that McGahn did not see coming.

McGahn joins the ignoble ranks of Rex Tillerson in the history of Trump Twitter firings. McGahn will stick around until Brett Kavanaugh gets confirmed to the Supreme Court. McGahn sat down with Robert Mueller for 30 hours in a move that infuriated Trump supporters. High-level sources told me that Trump has tried to fire McGahn six times but all of his other choices were too afraid to accept the job and push McGahn out, which would inflame the Legal Industrial Complex that runs Washington.

McGahn was caught by surprise.

Big League Politics recently reported:

President Donald J. Trump attempted to fire White House counsel Don McGahn on six occasions, but in each case the so-called “legal industrial complex” blocked his moves, according to high-level sources. Trump’s attempted replacements in most cases turned down the job.

McGahn is in the news courtesy of the New York Times (his favorite leaking avenue) for sitting down with Robert Mueller for 30 hours to discuss obstruction of justice-related matters. Mueller is trying to pin Trump for obstruction after finding no Russian collusion on Trump’s part. McGahn is also suspected of giving Trump advice with Mueller’s best interests at heart.

McGahn is extremely close with Rod Rosenstein, and the two act as mutually beneficial protectors of one another. Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions never had a relationship and never even spoke before President Trump was elected. So why did Sessions pick Rosenstein to be his number two? He trusted McGahn. It is still unclear at this time why he trusted McGahn, but the possibility of blackmail has been discussed.

The mainstream media is completely unwilling to criticize Don McGahn because he is a well-known leaker to the New York Times and the Washington Post among other outlets.

McGahn has also blocked several of Trump’s desired picks for White House roles.

McGahn might eventually leave the White House after Supreme Court Justice pick Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed. The leading contender to take his job is Emmet Flood, who replaced Trump lawyer Ty Cobb (whom McGahn hated).

Who is Emmet Flood? None other than a former BILL CLINTON ATTORNEY in the Clinton impeachment case!

All of this just goes to show how the Department of Justice and private law firms monopolize the White House, regardless of who the president is, and it shows how completely boxed-in President Trump is by his own lawyers.

Big League Politics exposed how Sally Yates henchman Scott Schools was working against Trump, giving the president bad advice. Schools was fired from the Department of Justice but McGahn clearly should have been fired too.

But Trump went 0-for-6 on firing him.

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