SURRENDER CAUCUS: 17 House RINO Freshmen Pledge Loyalty to President-Imposed Joe Biden

A group of freshmen RINOs in the U.S. House issued a letter to President-imposed Joe Biden begging him to work with them over the next four years. 

“After two impeachments, lengthy inter-branch investigations, and most recently, the horrific attack on our nation’s capital, it is clear that the partisan divide between Democrats and Republicans does not serve a single American,” the turncoats wrote in their notice of unconditional surrender to Biden.

The lawmakers make it abundantly clear that they are willing to sweep massive election fraud under the rug in order to move forward and paper over their special interest masters.

“We hope to work with you to extend targeted, meaningful coronavirus relief for families and businesses, protect Americans with pre-existing conditions, strengthen and modernize our infrastructure, enforce our anti-trust laws against emboldened technology monopolies, and restore our economy struggling in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic,” they wrote.

Signatories of the letter include Rep. Nicole Malliotakis of New York, Rep. Burgess Owens of Utah, Rep. Barry Moore of Alabama, Rep. Scott Franklin of Florida, Rep. Carlos Gimenez of Florida, Rep. Jerry Carl of Alabama, Rep. Yvette Herrell of New Mexico, Rep. Stephanie Bice of Oklahoma, Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina, and Rep. Jay Obernolte of California. Two Republicans who voted with Democrats to impeach President Trump – Rep. David Valadao of California and Rep. Peter Meijer of Michigan – also signed their names on the letter.

It should come as no surprise that Meijer signed his name on the letter because of his emergence as the leading RINO coward in the U.S. House, as Big League Politics has reported:

It’s been two weeks since newly elected House member Peter Meijer (MI-03) took office, yet he has already managed to shoot himself in the foot and upset many of his constituents.

So much so that one could arguably start writing the epitaph on his political career right now.

Stephen Kokx, a writer and lifelong resident of Meijer’s district, recently spoke with Big League Politics about Meijer and his perception among the people who elected him.

“Peter Meijer ran on the fact that he’s a veteran. Lots of patriots voted for him. Even though many conservatives in the 3rd district had suspicions he was a moderate, they bit their lip and supported him, trusting that he’d do the right thing in Washington,” Kokx said. “Fact is, Peter’s gone AWOL. He’s abandoned his unit. He backstabbed the everyday, hard-working Americans who voted for him.”

According to Kokx, who is highly involved in West Michigan politics, some of Meijer’s constituents are already calling him a “traitor” and a “Benedict Arnold” after he voted to impeach President Donald Trump and blamed him for inciting the breach of the US Capitol earlier this month.

In fact, Meijer just publicly acknowledged that his vote to impeach the president may have cost him reelection. Speaking with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week,” Meijer said that despite this possibility, he thinks it’s important to have elected leaders “who are not thinking solely about what’s in their individual self-interest, not what is going to be politically expedient, but what we actually need for the country.”

To many, Meijer’s actions do not come as a surprise. They bear out the perception of him as an insufficient supporter of the president and his agenda at best, and as a Never Trumper at worst. It was a concern that more than a few conservatives shared when he first announced his candidacy, and it was even highlighted in the local media during the primaries.

“[The claim that Meijer is a Never Trumper has been] repeatedly raised in debates, TV advertisements and on social media. It popped again this week, when rival candidate state Rep. Lynn Afendoulis, R-Grand Rapids Township, accused Meijer of lying about his past support of a veteran’s group that opposes Trump,” an MLive article from July 2020 said.

America is falling, and freshmen Republicans are groveling to the interests who have destroyed the nation begging for scraps. Western Civilization is about to collapse, and the GOP will be to blame for the fall out.

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