‘Surrounded by Fire and Folks Breaking Windows’: White Liberal Cries on Reddit After Being Accosted by Rioters

A left-wing protester in Seattle published a whiny diatribe on Reddit after he was targeted by the diversity mob despite his best intentions as an “ally” for Black Lives Matter.

The beta liberal cried in a Reddit post about how violent thugs attacked his car even though he helped out the protesters by bringing them supplies and trying to protect them as the city went up in flames.

“We had just spent the entire afternoon out there on the streets with you. We brought supplies for people and I used my white face to block intersections off from the cops,” he wrote in the rant.

“We were close to the fires helping make sure everyone around stayed safe. When we were leaving, we turned our car off at an intersection and patiently waited however long it make take to get a clear path through, even though other cars were revving past dangerously,” he continued.

However, the mob did not appreciate his thoughtfulness. It turned out that he put himself and his girlfriend in grave danger by assisting the rioters. They attacked his car and terrorized the couple likely due to their skin color.

“Yet after some folks stopped pedestrians and waved us through, you felt it would be bada*s to run up to our car yelling, and when I rolled the window down, bash the side of my car with a bat,” he wrote. “I don’t give a sh*t about cars, but you put us in the scariest position of the entire evening, worse than getting smoke and gas shot at us and being surrounded by fire and folks breaking store windows.”

“You ruined by day. So for the record, f**k you in particular. You were obviously antsy for some kind of violence, bringing and brandishing weapons, so I hope you got your satisfaction by beating an ally’s driver-side door. A*shole.”

The soy boy would later delete his Reddit post because it painted the protests in their true light. However, the screen cap of his original rant can be seen here:

The left-wing protester got a lesson in what the riots are really all about. These are racial grievance riots and a glimpse into the nation’s future once the demographic integrity of the U.S. is lost.



These rioters have made the case for the police state, as the thin blue line may be the only thing preventing these enemies of civilization from burning down the whole country for the purposes of “racial justice.”

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