Survey: 59% of Americans are Worried about Cyberterrorism

Following the high profile attack that shut down Colonial Pipeline, the majority of Americans are concerned about threats posed by cyber terrorists.

According to the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey, 85% of American Adults expressed their view of being “Somewhat Concerned” about America’s computer infrastructure being secure from cyberattacks. Additionally, 59% of those surveyed said that they are “Very Concerned”. Of those surveyed, only 11% are “Not Very Concerned or Not At All Concerned.” 

Currently, 19% believe that America’s computer infrastructure can be fully protected from cyberattacks. Close to half (48%) believe that the aforementioned level of safety cannot be reached. Approximately one-third (33%) are unsure. 

Allegedly, a gang of hackers based in Russia launched a cyber attack against the Colonial Pipeline on May 7, 2021. This pipeline provides gas and other petroleum products to most of the Eastern US, and after it was hit, shortages and price increase began to emerge. 

Republicans (60%) tend to be more likely to say that they are “Very Concerned” about the nation’s cyber infrastructure than Democrats (53%).

High-income earning Americans tend to be more concerned that America’s computer network is susceptible to cyberattacks. A full 60% of Americans earning $200,000 or more annually are “Very Concerned.”

Cyberattacks will likely be a fixture of political conflict in the 21st century. Warfare isn’t going away, but the way it will be waged will differ from previous centuries. Upstart competitors like China will likely compete with the US on this front, so the US will need to rethink it’s security priorities

Instead of blowing up distant lands and remaking them in America’s image, the US needs to get serious about improving its cyber defense infrastructure and preparing for the next  generation of international conflicts.