Susan Bucher Threw Out Thousands of Signatures in 2017, Gave No Reason

Palm Beach County election supervisor Susan Bucher did not feel the need to explain her decision to unilaterally reject thousands of signatures in a 2017 effort to recall some of the city council members in Riviera Beach, Florida.

In the 2018 election fiasco, Bucher is compelled by an order from state Judge Krista Marx to hand over the fraudulent ‘duplicate ballots’ that Bucher’s office made, which she used as stand-ins for ballots that her office claims were incorrectly filled out. (READ ABOUT BUCHER’S BALLOTS AND THE DEADLINE THAT HAS PASSED.)

But we know that Bucher has a troubled history overseeing our democratic process.

WPTV 5 reported in 2017:

The Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections, Susan Bucher, has rejected all but two signatures out of around 8,600, submitted in an effort to recall three Riviera Beach City Council members.

Bucher never gave a reason for her decision.

WPTV reached out multiple times to Bucher and her office to get an explanation but got no response.

“I’m just in shock and wondering how in the world could you do this?” Amon Yisrael, who led the recall effort said.

WPTV 5 passage ends

Susan Bucher is garnering the scorn of the American people, some of whom showed up to her Saturday hearing with Judge Marx to make it known that they believe she is a criminal:

Rick Scott excoriated the breakdown in the rule of law in Broward County, which, like Palm Beach County, is the site of Democrat vote-finding missions.

Broward County counted votes after Saturday’s noon deadline, engendering Scott’s outrage.

Now, Broward County is set to begin a recount at 7 AM on Sunday morning.

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