‘Suspicious Package’ Found Diocese Of Covington

The Diocese of Covington is being evacuated after reports that a suspicious package had been found.

“WLWT in Cincinnati is reporting that police and fire crews are being sent to the Diocese of Covington following reports of a suspicious package,” the report said. “This follows protests at the Diocese following a viral video involving an indigenous protester and a Covington Catholic Student.”

The Diocese of Covington is home to Covington Catholic High School, which was engulfed in controversy after the mainstream news falsely accused Nick Sandmann of “mocking” a Native American man. After the entire news media gave Nathan Phillips, who lied about serving in Vietnam, a platform to smear the boys, video evidence which showed Phillips approaching Sandmann vindicated them from wrongdoing. The lying media took the confrontation out of context, sparking a wave of doxxing and death threats against the boys from popular media figures.

The Diocese, for its part, has not exactly stood up for the boys. In fact, it condemned them on its website. Parents in the town, though, have stoop up to Diocese, threatening to boycott it’s Catholic Confirmation ceremony if Bishop Roger Joseph Foys does not apologize for throwing them under the bus.

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