Swedish Medical Experts Pen Letter Urging Young, Healthy People to Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine

A group of 28 medical professionals from Sweden have penned an op/ed urging young, healthy people to avoid getting stuck with the COVID-19 vaccine.

They published their open letter in the Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten demanding that elderly and at risk populations receive the shots. Individuals behind the letter include psychiatrist Sven Román, debater Nils Littorin, and professor Sucharit Bhakdi. 

“[W]e should only vaccinate those who are aged 65 years of age and over or are at risk. Otherwise, we risk repeating the fatal mistakes of the swine flu vaccination,” the experts wrote.

The Swedish Public Health Agency is pursuing a strategy far different than what is being advocated by these professionals. State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell and government vaccine coordinator Richard Bergström are aiming to get 60 percent of the population vaccinated before they are willing to declare an end to the pandemic.

Doctor Sven Román is crying foul about Sweden’s national strategy, noting that Bergström has deep ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

“I lack confidence in this man. I have never trusted him, he comes directly from the pharmaceutical industry. The Swedes must realize that these people have vested interests, and are not impartial,” Román wrote in a tweet about Bergström.

“Experts who are rather useful idiots for the pharmaceutical industry. I know what I’m talking about, because I was myself until about ten years ago,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on how the Swedes have resisted COVID-19 mass hysteria throughout the scamdemic:

Swedish television station SVT issued a report earlier this month showing how COVID-19 affected mortality in the nation frequently criticized by globalists for refusing to institute Draconian lockdown policies throughout the pandemic.

“But how many more than usual died during the Corona year of 2020? To find that out we asked the demographer Örjan Hemström from Statistics Sweden who researches morality,” the news clip stated in a translation from Swedish to English.

The reporter asked Hemström “how many more died” in 2020 in comparison to other years. He responded that “approximately 7,000” more people died than in the last five years.

“In the beginning we had fewer dead than in recent years. But at the end of March, we saw a big rise and we had an excess mortality up until June,” Hemström explained.

“But from July until October it was back to normal. I mean as few or fewer dead than in the years prior. And then in November and December we see again that the number of deaths has risen,” he continued.

Hemström analyzed the death rates in Sweden going back to 1900 to put the COVID-19 pandemic in its proper context. 

“From 1990 and onwards we see a clear decrease in mortality, fewer dead per capita. And then 2020 we see a spike,” he said – noting that the increase in deaths only put Sweden back to 2012 numbers.

Hemström said that there were “many more deaths in 1918 than 2020,” with regards to the deadly Spanish flu, “especially in proportion to the population, which was millions fewer in 1918.”

The reporters concluded that the data shows “the level of excess mortality is the same as it was a decade ago, and in a longer perspective mankind has suffered worse pandemics than the one we are in now.”

Even though many Swedes are resisting COVID-19 overreach, their government is still inflicting damaging policies on its citizens. While the brave Swedes’ letter is a good start, it will take much more to ultimately defeat the technocracy.

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