Swedish Prime Minister Gives National Address on Alarming Increase in Gang Violence

Towards the beginning of October, the Prime Minister of Sweden  Minister Ulf Kristersson gave a national address concerning an alarming rise in gang violence. He blamed “irresponsible immigration policy” for the country’s swelling crime rates. 

Irish nationalist activist Keith Woods noted this in a post for X that he published on October 2, 2023:

This week, the Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson addressed the nation on the “unprecedented” rise in gang-related violence, calling on the military to assist the police in a situation that is increasingly out of control.

Kristersson blamed “irresponsible immigration policy” and “failed integration” for this worsening crisis, stating:

“Political naivety and cluelessness have brought us to this point. Irresponsible immigration policy and failed integration have brought us to this point. Exclusion and parallel societies feed the criminal gangs, providing space for them to ruthlessly recruit children and train future killers.”

11 people were shot dead last month alone in Sweden, the second highest ever recorded in a single month.

Sweden’s upsurge in violent crime coincided with a large rise in inward migration in the 2010s. Sexual assault also rose under the previous self-labelled “feminist government”.

A report in 2018 found that 8 in 10 ‘stranger’ rapes were carried out by migrants.

Sweden has historically been one of Europe’s most prosperous and socio-economically stable countries due to its ethnic homogeneity and high level of social trust. However, that could be all in jeopardy thanks to the mass migration policies its political class has pursued in the last five decades.

Should Sweden not get its act together it will become the latest victim of the Great Replacement, as its historic core population gets displaced by hordes of non-white migrants. 

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