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SWEET RIDE: President Trump Brings Out The New Cadillac Presidential Limo



President Donald Trump premiered his new fleet of Cadillac presidential limousines for his appearance at the UN General Assembly in New York City.

It is only fitting that the stylish New Yorker president — whose tie-below-the-belt fashion has been adopted by his Secret Service agents — would roll into town in a Cadillac.

The new cars in his entourage added to the flair of President Trump’s speech, in which he smacked down the false song of globalism and stressed America’s commitment to patriotism at home.

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Here is Trump rolling in style:

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Autoweek reports:

One of the biggest visual changes on the new limo is that the windshield is now almost flush with the roof; previous-gen presidential limousines had a very pronounced metal top that rose above the edges of the glass surfaces, buying the interior a little more headroom. The shortened rear overhang and the lifted rear bumper on the new limo were likely developed to ease reverse egress out of cargo planes since the trunk itself is not really used to carry luggage and doesn’t play a functional role in the everyday use of the limousine. In fact, both overhangs have been shortened a bit, while the limo wears a grille texture that we saw debut on the 2016 Cadillac Escala concept car…

The two limousines (there will be around a dozen built altogether) make their debut during UN week in New York City, still Cadillac’s hometown, at least for the time being. A number of other modified Cadillac vehicles are in use by the Secret Service, and it is expected that the outgoing fleet of presidential limousines, built over the last 10 years, will be in service for some time as backup vehicles.

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Prosecutors Want Stricter Bond Restrictions for Kyle Rittenhouse for Hanging Out with Proud Boys

The Proud Boys are proud of their boy, Kyle.



Kyle Rittenhouse, out on bond after shooting three ANTIFA rioters and killing two at a Kenosha, Wisc. riot scene last summer, is under scrutiny from authorities for merely having a good time at a bar.

Rittenhouse was at a bar with his mother wearing a “Free as F*ck” t-shirt when he was approached by some local Proud Boys. They took pictures together doing the “OK” symbol, which has become controversial due to left-wing hysteria.

As a result, prosecutors in Kenosha County are hoping to modify Rittenhouse’s bond to prevent the young man from enjoying his freedom. They reportedly want to prevent him from being “serenaded” by Proud Boys and other adoring followers.

“Within a few minutes of entering the bar, the defendant was loudly serenaded by 5 of the adult males with the song “Proud of Your Boy,” which is an obscure song written for the 1992 film, “Aladdin.” The violent white supremacist group called the “Proud Boys” was named after this song, which is sung by its members as an anthem and for self-identification,” the Kenosha County District Attorney’s office wrote.

“The defendant later posed for several photographs with these adults in the bar. In each of these photographs, the defendant and the other adults flashed the “OK” sign used by white supremacists,” they added.

The surreal letter from the DA’s office that looks like it was written by an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) operative can be seen here:

The letter from the DA’s house shows how the government is painting ordinary conservatives and Trump supporters by as white supremacists and terrorist threats based on left-wing propaganda.

Big League Politics reported on how Rittenhouse posted bond in November after spending months confined in jail for exercising his right to self-defense against ANTIFA terrorists:

Illinois teenager Kyle Rittenhouse has been freed from the Kenosha County Jail in Wisconsin, after posting a $2 million bond set by a judge on Friday.

Rittenhouse is charged with two counts of first-degree murder for shooting and killing Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber during a Black Lives Matter riot in August. He’s also charged with a count of being a minor in possession of a firearm.

Rittenhouse was assailed by Rosenbaum while present at the scene of the riots, carrying an AR-style rifle and planning to prevent looting and rioting in Kenosha. Rittenhouse shot and killed Rosenbaum, arguing that he acted in self-defense when Rosenbaum attempted to grab his rifle. Rittenhouse would go on to shoot two men- one of them armed with a gun- who chased him as he tried to flee the scene of the riots.

Rittenhouse had been extradited from Illinois to Wisconsin to face charges. He posted bond through his attorney, Mark Richards, on Friday at 2PM.

Rittenhouse will be remembered as an American hero whether or not he is acquitted in the courts or ultimately made a martyr by a biased and unjust system. The Proud Boys are right to be proud of their boy Kyle in this instance.

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